I'm Lenie. I'm 46 years old, and I live in The Netherlands. Married to Paul for 22 years now, and we have 3 sons, 20, 18 and 13.
I work at a Fairtrade shop, it's a giftshop. I started quilting summer 2010, after a roundtrip through some parts of the USA. We were visiting my two brothers who live in Memphis TN and San Antonio, TX. On our trip I found some beautiful quilts, which I couldn't take with me back in the plane, to much luggage. Then, back home, I told myself: hé why not try to make my own quilt? So I ordered some fabric, found Jenny's tutorials, and just started to quilt. Never stopped since .
I don't have a quiltroom, not enough space, and no big stash either, just two shelves in a cabinet for all my quilting stuff. My sewing machine is at least 25 years old, belonged to my mum, and has found a steady place on our dinnertable.
But that's okay for me.
We have two cats, Max and Minous living with us.
I joined the group Farmers Granddaughter, and I love it! I'm sure I will learn a lot from that this year. And of course I'm in the secret pal swap. I enjoyed the christmas swap from last year so much, I had to be in it this year!
It's snowing here, right now, brrr, hope it will be spring soon.
What a nice thread, getting to know some more of all these great people.
It sure is a great group of girls, and even some boys!
Hugs, Lenie