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    Default Re: Do i need a fancy quilting machine?

    I cant post pictures here but it was as simple as a coloring book page. Now mind you ...simple is not a good term to use because for me it did feel odd and I was not sure it would work. I did look at the site Lynn posted and sorted by beginner and Im even before a beginner and to be honest I have a hard time sewing straight most of the time. I would however use this design and did a bit around blocks it came out ok ..a little wonky but I went too fast....Keep in mind ...Im just beginning..here is the link ...http://freemotionquilting.blogspot.c...re-spiral.html
    same page that lynn posted just further in the reading. I set my machine on low ...truly it does like one stitch at a time...I set it to the longest stitch (straight) stitch and followed the dark black lines I used my walking foot and a very bright lamp with a magnifier on it and lined the black line directly in the center of the walking foot. I love that foot because both pieces move at the same time...My piece of fabric was not large probably a bit bigger then 8x!0 and I used bright colors so I could see the stitching on both sides when done. I'm a bit shakey even with the walking foot but it felt okay doing it. I did stop and raise the needle when I hit a corner ..and did not have one pucker...I even get puckers in my hand quilting lol...
    I hope that helps but I'm probably not a good one to learn from since Im just learning myself.
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    Smile Re: Do i need a fancy quilting machine?

    Laura, I got to get with you and show you the hand quilting technique I learned cause there won't be any puckers. It's cool. I even have a quilters key for your hoop. One of these days we'll get together. Love, Jan

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