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Happy Wednesday, all of my lovely folksies!

Oh my we are so water logged here. I think we are going to get a break today and possibly see the sun. I am ever so thankful for the rain. Always amazes me that we get the rain during the season we really when we really don't need it - you know, because it makes the leaves more difficult to rake and then they make my allergies go bonkers and when we get a real doozy of rain, my kitchen gets a drip drip drip which makes the water rings look like faces - you know like when you look at clouds? That's fine unless you are having a sleepless night, watch some spooky show and think, wow, am I being contacted by the "other side" through those rain spots? Hey, it could happen?! What a shame I can't sell my ceiling on ebay. I am certain that someone could have a religious experience staring at it.

Yesterday my sis walked down the street in the rain to call UPS. (She doesn't have a phone) It was a soft gentle patter at the time. UPS delivered a package to the wrong address. The driver left as fast as he arrived, leaving huge ruts in their drive. So, we called UPS to have them deliver to the correct address. I thought they had GPS or been to school long enough to see house numbers on the house and/or mailbox. Anyhoo, the above picture describes me. Sigh. I do not like much of anything automated. Or robotic. Their website sucks a biggie because every toll free number requires you to mash numbers, none of which address a parcel delivered to the wrong place. I finally called one of their technical support numbers, got disconnected twice and finally when I did reach customer service, they wanted to know all about ME. Plus, I was tired of repeating myself over and over again. I can still recite the tracking number and I could've delivered the package myself quicker I think. After almost an hour of dealing with idjits, I told this person the only thing they needed to know was that the box would be on the porch where they left it. I don't have a phone that slams anylonger. Just clicks off which could be just as frustrating for the other person but not as satisfying. So, when I clicked off, I blew my whistle. Man, did THAT feel wonderful. It is a great stress reliever. I highly recommend one.

Have a wonderful day folksies. Smile lots and lots, even if you have to deal with stupid people.