Today reading the daily deal made me rather nostolgic. I remember
caroling when I was younger ( yes I am a baby boomer...tail end).
SO my question to you is what is one of your funniest Christmas memory
Mine I believe is when I wedged myself under the couch so I could stay
up and see Santa come. Of couse you have to hide because if he sees you he won''t leave any presents. Anyhow I got stuck. I stayed there a long time I think i even fell asleep. EVentually it was discovered that I was missing. Mom was in a panic and I didn't want to
call for help because then I would have been a bad girl and no Santa. I remember
my Dad finding me. He was laughiing so hard he could barely
lift the sofa and off to bed I went. Luckily Santa still came although Mrs. Santa wasn't that happy with me.. bit of a worrywart.