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    Re: Bad Quilting Experience - Need Advice

    I have had several quilts quilted by Missouri Star and because of the quilthing patterns that I choose, I wanted the backing and thread to show contrast so the design on the back would be very...
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    Re: Introducing myself from France !

    Hello from Kansas. My daughter and I went to Paris for her high school graduation present and had such a good time there. Welcome to the forum!
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    Hi from Kansas

    Hi. Guess I've been missing out by not checking out the forum. I started quilting about 5 years ago when I decided to make a baby quilt for a teacher I was working with. I was hooked! I had...
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    Re: Can I Vent A Little Bit???

    Postal service has declined in our area too. We had a lady mail carrier that everyday was putting mail in the wrong boxes and neighbors were having to exchange mail constantly. I kept track of all...
  5. Re: What do we English people say that makes you laugh?

    I love listening to people talk with different accents, particularly English, Irish, and Australian. Sometimes I have to use close-caption when I am watching a movie or show with English accents...
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    Had posted a message about this before but then realized I should have posted it with the title Route 66 Lady. If she does find this message, just wanted to say I hope she enjoyed her journeys and...
  7. Re: You meet the nicest people at a quilt store

    It's so much fun to go from store to store to store. All the people who work in the stores are so friendly. Love the small-town atmosphere. It's wonderful to see a small town flourish this way. ...
  8. You meet the nicest people at a quilt store

    Hi. My friend and I were in Hamilton to see all the new stores on June 6th and meet the nicest lady from California. She was driving around the country and had stopped in Hamilton to visit the...
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