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    Re: Quilts which I had finished recently

    Thank you! The pattern is from a post on the Moda Bake Shop called "Blue Elephant Stitches." It's a take on a traditional block called "Granny Squares." What I liked most from the pattern in the...
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    Re: Quilts which I had finished recently

    I made that one up. It's a basic 'sawtooth' pattern. I think Quiltville may have a free pattern that shows you how to make it. I took that basic block pattern and just turned my four blocks around...
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    Quilts which I had finished recently

    I'm getting ready to move houses; and wanted to get some quilts finished sooner, rather than later. If I wait until after the move, I may not get to these quilts before the end of the year. The...
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    Side Steps quilt

    This is a pattern by Cozy Quilts Design. Super easy to piece. My longarm quilter, Nikki, used a jungle leaf motif on it. I am giving this to my sister-in-law for Christmas.
  5. My introduction to log cabin quilts and paper piecing

    This does not your traditional log cabin quilt; but nevertheless ... according to the Fons and Porter pattern, they are all log cabin blocks. LOL! It took forever to make this queen size quilt. It...
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    Re: My latest projects

    These are lovely! I'm so bad at needlepoint or anything that involves hand stitching. I know your niece will absolutely love these family heirlooms!
  7. Re: UFO finished - "Wistful" in batiks and black background

    Thank you, Kathy. It really is a fast and easy quilt to create. The hardest part, for me, was choosing the color combinations for each block. I was overthinking it, at first. Then, I just decided...
  8. Re: UFO finished - "Wistful" in batiks and black background

    Hi Kathy. I used yardage for the batiks in this quilt. My lqs did not have a jelly roll to use. Essentially, though, you need one jelly roll of print fabric, and one jelly roll of solid fabric. Of...
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    Re: Finally off the wall!!

    It's FANTASTIC!!! I recently made a pineapple quilt, so I can related with the 'burnout factor' that you've described. But, in the end, it looks amazing, doesn't it? Thank you for sharing your...
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    Re: finished my wall quilt

    WOW! That is really beautiful! Your quilt stands out even more because of the color of your wall. Terrific job!
  11. Inspired by Quiltville's "Scrappy Mountain Majesties"

    This quilt was made using less than one layer cake ("Extravaganza" by Riley Blake) and yardage for the background fabric. The trick is to have at least 2 of each patterned square in order to make a...
  12. UFO finished - "Wistful" in batiks and black background

    The picture for the pattern "Wistful" (Villa Rosa Designs) uses batiks with a cream background. I decided to go with solid black for my quilt background. I think it makes the batiks really 'pop.' ...
  13. Re: Picnic blanket - just in time for my birthday!

    Thank you for your kind words. The red is "Apple Red Mini Snaps" from the Volume II line of fabric, but just about all of their red fabric has the same tone, so you really can't go wrong with any...
  14. Picnic blanket - just in time for my birthday!

    I picked up my finished picnic blanket -- just in time for my birthday (which is two weeks away). This is essentially one of two quilts I've made without using cream or white for background. The...
  15. Finished the quilting on my first string quilt

    I picked up my finished string quilt from the longarm quilter. I love how it turned out. The motif that I chose was on-point, which was perfect for this quilt. This is a Christmas present for my...
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    Re: Finished Quilts for Family

    What beautiful quilts! I'm sure they felt much love as they opened their care package.
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    Re: Jelly Roll Rant

    I can completely understand your frustration. I had the same issue a year ago, where my pattern called for absolute precision piecing. Each strip in my JR was cut to 2 1/4" to 2 3/8". It was...
  18. Found this adorable Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt at an antique shop

    My husband and I went to two antique malls over the weekend; and I found two quilts that were in such good shape, I couldn't pass them up. This is one of them. A Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt...
  19. Re: How do you know if it's worth buying a vintage quilt?

    Here are a few of the quilts I was looking at; and was trying to determine whether any of them are worth rescuing. The appliqued quilt has water stains and the binding is ripped off. The scrappy...
  20. Finished the last of this year's "Quilty" Christmas Presents

    I've made four quilts for this year's Christmas presents. The last two were finished over the weekend. I used "Black Tie Affair" for my sister-in-law's gift. The pattern is "Strips Ahoy" and it's...
  21. How do you know if it's worth buying a vintage quilt?

    My husband and I have recently found numerous vintage quilts in antique shops. A lot of them are beautiful. Unfortunately, most of them are stained, very dirty, or torn. How do you decide if it's...
  22. Ohio Stars Picnic Blanket -- using Bonnie and Camille's "Vintage Picnic" charm packs

    This was not how I envisioned it would be. I knew what the dimensions were supposed to be. I knew it would turn out to be "biggish." But, it had been at least 6 years since I made a quilt larger...
  23. Re: Finished the Quatrefoil for my nephew and his new bride

    Totally and completely AMAZING!! I love your color choices and the quilting. I bet the couple will treasure this. And, since the bride is a seamstress, you are giving her a sewn present that she...
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    Re: More camping pillows

    We don't own a camper, but I think the camper pillow is adorable!!! Your patriotic pillow is awesome. My husband would love that in our camper, if we owned one.
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    Re: Midnight Garden

    WOW! That is beautiful! I love your color choices! It makes a beautiful statement in your bedroom.
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