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  1. Re: Beta testers needed for new MSQC Shipping program

    There's nothing wrong with wanting to promote the Hamilton stores or the quilting services.

    Faster, discounted shipping is a great way to get online shoppers to choose MSQC over the competition....
  2. Re: Beta testers needed for new MSQC Shipping program

    I think most customers would never end up using the in-town credit. I love the idea of access to the digital Block library, though.

    Edit: What about Super Bonus Quilter's Cash? That could be...
  3. Re: Beta testers needed for new MSQC Shipping program

    A machine quilting credit would encourage me to try the machine quilting service. I do my own quilting, but it would be nice to have one done for me.

    Free and/or fast shipping is fine and well,...
  4. Re: Beta testers needed for new MSQC Shipping program

    Two day shipping sounds the most attractive. The fee breaks down to a little over $12 a month. If you compare it to the $7 expedited shipping option (not 2 day, but at least same week delivery), then...
  5. Re: Programs for those in need... not me. well, maybe not.

    I personally believe healthcare is a human right. I feel it is heartless to make your fellow man go without life sustaining medicine or surgery. To me, it is an odd notion that a person has to "earn"...
  6. Re: Programs for those in need... not me. well, maybe not.

    It makes me sad the way a lot of people judge those who use government assistance. Are there some people out there gaming the system? Absolutely. But not everyone on assistance is like that. A lot of...
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    Re: Courtyard path

    You can google drunkard's path layouts and find lots of ideas; you'll just have to remember you're limited to an 8X10 block layout.
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    Underwhelming Sales

    The sale today is for up to 30% off all 10" squares...but in reality the sale price for most items is only about $2 less than it sells for any other day. Suppose a layer cake is usually $36.95 and...
  9. Re: Make an "Easy Clamshell" Quilt with Jenny Doan

    I like that there's so little waste to this method. The end result is so pretty! I want to make this one eventually (especially if the template is ever a DD).

    If you wanted to make this with...
  10. Re: Make a "Road Trip" Map Applique Quilt with Jenny Doan

    I feel like this wasn't a good choice for a tutorial quilt. It's a beautiful quilt and would make a great kit. I'm not sure how to describe why, but it's like "Look at this cool quilt you can...
  11. Re: When is a quilt just too ugly to continue?

    I'm not an orange person, either, but I like this. I would either remove the applique stars, or if I left them in I would FMQ outlines of stars scattered across the quilt, then do loose wavy lines...
  12. Re: Make a "Diamond Pavers" Quilt with Jenny Doan

    I found the pattern Preeti mentioned: https://www.andoverfabrics.com/Grid.php?groupId=26268&GroupName=Mixtape#dmxTabs1-5 . Totally different construction, slightly different color placement: each...
  13. Re: Make a "Diamond Pavers" Quilt with Jenny Doan

    I don't know if I'd make it, but it looks pretty cool. The black and white angled sashing creates a rhythm around the blocks. It could go really modern or masculine with some bold geometric prints in...
  14. Re: 3 Tips for Quilting Big Quilts on a Small Machine

    Great tips. Something that helps me is to "puddle" the quilt up around the area I'm quilting, so that there's some slack as I push the top around to fill out the space in my current block. That...
  15. Re: How fussy are you about your seams staying flat?

    That's pretty smart!

    I'm enjoying reading everyone's tips and tricks for taming seams. Thanks for sharing :)
  16. How fussy are you about your seams staying flat?

    I've been making a herringbone quilt MSQC style, which means the blocks have bias edges all around. The HSTs I pressed to the dark side, but all the other seams (i.e. to join the blocks are top) are...
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    Re: Pebbles or straight lines ?

    I would do pebbles - it would contrast the most with the surrounding motifs.
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    Re: - Written patterns or not

    Reading through these posts, I'm thinking I might try to mix it up and not do all the cutting, then all of step 1 or 2, etc., in one go. Maybe I'd feel more motivated if I was producing finished...
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    Re: Fudge it

    dwil23 - I can relate. I enjoy trying to cut, seam, press and trim as accurately as I can, improving my craftsmanship as I learn from books and videos. I am lazy when it comes to borders...I know...
  20. Re: Make a "Geese in Motion" Quilt with Jenny Doan

    There's lots of room for creativity with this one. The geese could be different colors, or a single accent color. You could stagger the rows with some negative space to make it feel more modern. The...
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    Re: Daily Deal - I Bit Today!

    I'd recommend Wanderlust by Doug Leko. It's a jelly roll log cabin with charms for the centers.
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    Re: Practice

    I love the orange peel design! Did you use rulers/a ruler foot to set up the grid lines?
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    Re: Pressing Question

    I have and use both. I lucked out and found a tip here to buy a wool saddle pad liner from an online tack store. Love the results pressing on a wool mat, but the ones marketed to quilters are...
  24. Re: Sale at Joann's Fabric store... Love their coupons!

    Yes! Add to that when customers want to argue over a coupon because they didn't read the fine print (or read it at all), or some sale or coupon isn't working because the company didn't program it...
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    Re: I took a chance and ordered today

    A small suggestion for "Your Order Has Been Shipped" emails: move the tracking number link to the beginning of the message instead of at the bottom. Saves some scrolling, especially for those of us...
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