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  1. Re: quilting for embroidery machine on sale

    I don't have an embroidery machine any longer but when I did have, I used it to quilt.
    I only used the lower hoop and attached the sandwich with binder clips in the corners away from the needle...
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    Re: WiP Nov 8 - 14, 2019

    I have managed to get my three larger quilts that are Christmas presents done, ready to wrap but I need BIG tissue paper. I think I will try a paper tablecloth from the dollar store and see how that...
  3. Re: Do you ever offer panels in your Daily Deals?

    There are a couple on the weekly deals, ask and you shall receive.
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    Re: It's Friday

    I liked today's video and am glad to know it is in the new Block since I ordered it today along with the DD. You can't have enough background fabric.....right.
    Tonight is my guild's Friday Night...
  5. Re: Make a "Square Knot" Quilt with Jenny Doan

    Funny, my first thought was if I could use a layer cake, and I think it would work.
  6. Thread: Oops

    by Claire Hallman

    Re: Oops

    I made a Christmas quilt last year that turned out more narrow than I wanted. This year I plan to add a border to one side [it is a fairly modern looking quilt] by the quilt as you go method. I hope...
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    Re: Help with Skipped Stitches...

    I was having some skipped stitches on my featherweight yesterday, took out the almost new needle and turned it ever so slightly, problem solved.
    I am in the "add more quilting" group, too.
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    Re: Can I borrow your thinking caps?

    I bought some socks with scissors printed on them for a couple of quilty friends for Christmas, they were in your price range.
    I always love to get fabric, too. Some coordinating fat quarters...
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    Re: WiP Nov 1 -7, 2019

    You are welcome, Teresa, the offer stands since we are only about 6 miles apart it would be easy to meet and you are welcome to come to guild. You could meet us at Joe's Italian at 6 and ride...
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    Re: Welcome Tuesday

    Another beautiful day here with the sun shining and cool temps. The dog and cat have not realized the time has changed so I was up pretty early to feed and let out for exercise.
    I am delighted that...
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    Re: WiP Nov 1 -7, 2019

    Come to guild at 6:30 Thursday at the No Shelby Library and I will be glad to show you how to use the gauge. If you can't come Thursday perhaps we can meet up soon and I will show you.

    I am still...
  12. Re: Frolic! A Quiltville Winter Mystery! (Intro)

    I have printed out the directions for the last two years but this time I just saved the pdf. I didn't do the others and might or might not do this one.
    I have a couple of her books and have done...
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    Re: It's a blustery Friday today

    It is a beautiful sunny day here after several days of dreary. Our gym has their electricity back, I was thankfully wrong about why it was out, a big crane took out a wire that caused part of their...
  14. Re: Make a "Forget-Me-Not" Quilt with Jenny Doan

    Something that I thought about that I don't think was mentioned, you would need to be careful and always put the petal applique with the background on the same side of the HST or your pinwheels........
  15. Re: It's Thursday and the last day of October WOW!!

    Back to the gym today, the lights were on last night when we drove by so I guess they paid their bill.:icon_heh:
    It is very rainy here today but fairly warm. I hope it quits before the kids are out...
  16. Re: How do you presssesms openwithout burning your fingers?

    It is pretty easy to make a pressing "stick", just take a fat dowel or broom stick and add some padding/cover and voila!
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    Re: Happy Tuesday!

    Not much going on here, gym still shut down so today I will sew.
    I was so happy to get the grunge locally since I didn't know the color number for my gray and there are several.
    A new roof is being...
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    Re: Monday Morning Greetings! :)

    I was able to get the grunge I needed today at the LQS, came home and cut some of it out. :D
    I also found some red velvet for $5 a yard at Hobby Lobby and snatched that up, my son wants some side...
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    Re: Monday Morning Greetings! :)

    Good Monday morning to all. Normally we go to the gym on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday but I got a call that their power has been cut off, poor management perhaps. Who know when or if they will...
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    Re: Craft Fair is A-Comin'! (Pic Heavy)

    Everything is lovely but the pillows are really special. I have made a long pillow from that panel and it turned out beautifully. I know you will have lots of customers.
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    Re: WiP Oct 25 - 31, 2019

    I am struggling along walking foot quilting gentle curves on a king quilt.:o It will be done eventually.
    I started putting together some blocks and planning a quilt for 5 yo DGS since his new...
  22. Re: Make an "Old Mill Path" Quilt with Jenny Doan

    I have made one drunkard's path type quilt and it was not too terribly hard. I have a layer cake that might work well and a different set of templates.:0 I think I will try to see if they fit on a...
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    Re: Recreating design patterns?

    I have made quilts that I saw in pictures and enjoyed the challenge. I am designing one on the fly right now, making blocks and will figure out arrangements when I have many blocks made.
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    Re: What is this pattern called?

    Wow, great drawing and great idea about the easiest way to piece that block.
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    Re: Antique Tops Finished

    Wow, those are wonderful even if they are wonky. I love the shaped edges.
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