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    Re: My machine like to eat my fabric!!

    I just asked about this at my machine dealer, and they said that sometimes the plate of your machine is a wider gap, and you can replace it with the one that only accommodates straight stitches. The...
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    Re: Good Morning Sunday!

    I'm ready for bed. We are just watching a little Tv before bed. Actually I'm watching and hubby is asleep next to me on the couch. I've just finished my work that I needed to do to prepare for...
  3. Re: DH Got an offer!!! We are waiting for papers...

    Oh congrats Michele. You must feel so relieved. Thanks be to God, he works always in wondrous ways. Have you ever heard the song by Laura Story "Cause what is your blessings come through...
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    Re: Thursday and it is sunny today.

    Oh, to read! I gave up on reading when the twins were born. I just can't concentrate on anything like that now. Some day. No sewing this week. Maybe on Sunday. God bless you all!
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    Re: Is it HUMP Day . . . Where is everyone?

    It's been very stressful at work recently so I haven't spent much time here, but I still check in with you all a couple times of week. I've been working on quilting projects here and there, but...
  6. Re: Giveaway Week 14 - April 8th - 15th 2011

    Lilacs are my favorite of favorites. I get reallyexcited with any green buds in general.
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    Re: Rainy days and Tuesday

    Good evening everyone! I've been run run run, and today I had a little more caffeine than usual so I got on here FINALLY! I'm ready to start a caffeine IV I got so much done today. Anywho... I've...
  8. Re: Baby quilt mistake!!! Should I fix it for the next one?

    Someone told me that when Amish ladies make a quilt they often put a flaw in on purpose.. One heart on a heart block quilt may be upside down, for example. This is to show that only God is perfect....
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    1/4 circle in Dresden fan

    I watched Jenny's tutorial with the ez Dresden tool and how do you make the center whenyou're just doing a fan. Can you make the circle and then just cut it in 4?
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    Re: Saturday Morning . . .

    It's a snowy day here. Hooray for spring! Not! I've got some more sewing done, but I've still a good amount to do to catch up with my intended projects. Right now I've got to clean up the house...
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    Re: Giveaway Week 13 - April 1st - 8th 2011

    I've never been on a fabric bus tour, and never heard of one until it was mentioned by Sandy, I think, but it sounds like lots of fun and like I would need to buff up my savings first! I think my...
  12. Re: My first One Block Wonder Tablerunner & Placemats

    I can't stop looking at that table runner. The fabric is so interesting to look at!
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    Re: No Snow - it must be Tuesday

    I don't want to work today. It's cold cold cold! Okay maybe 24 isn't cold anymore but I think it's bitter. No kids to teach today, so I'll trudge through my paperwork. I dropped my baby off at...
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    Re: Where did Sunday go? Oh, it's Monday!

    Yesterday I finished couple of blocks for the quilt for my quilting class, and then cut out the fabric to finish the rest. I'm impressed with the training efforts Blondie. I'm sure she'll be a quick...
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    Re: What do you do with your quilts?

    I've not kept a thing. They've all been made with someone in mind or once I had the top done I knew exactly who it should belong to. The only things I have planned to keep out of the ump-teeth...
  16. Re: What are your "must have's" on your sewing machine for quilting?

    I have the Babylock ellisimo and I feel so spoiled every time I use it. My local dealer had a huge 50% off sale and my mom had seen me drooling over it and for my next birthday it had a huge bow on...
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    Re: Thursday's can be tricky

    Good evening, ladies! I'm going to be cutting fabric tonight. I've got too many projects going at once. This week I've got to finish the blocks for my class and I'm determined to do my test block for...
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    Re: Do you use a mini iron?

    I was ironing last night and really thought about how useful it could be, but I don't have one. I'm curious, too!
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    Re: Wednesday again?

    Cathy, I know exactly what you mean about being outside. I feel that we do so much better with behavior after the kids have had fresh air. It doesn't take much: it even could be a quick visit to see...
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    Re: Terrific Tuesday

    Wow. My spelling is bad. That's a combination of typing on an iPhone with fat fingers and auto spell correct. Sorry!
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    Re: Terrific Tuesday

    I went to a quilting class tonight and made a friendship star. It's a beginning quilting class, and I feel that I could have made that block on my own. I just in the past have followed Jenny's...
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    Re: Good Monday Morning

    Nighty night everyone. I feel so behind from being at that conference this last weekend. Tomorrow I'm taking the first of a six part quilting class. Yay!
  23. Re: I was wondering: how old are we? On my regular sewing forum I'm one of the three silver foxes..

    I'm 29, so a bit of a youngin.
  24. Re: Giveaway Week 11 - March 18th - 25th 2011

    Wonky - my spell check wanted to change it to wimpy:) yes, I am wimpy to try Wonky.
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    Re: First Day of Spring - Sunday March 20

    Back from a conference today, and back to reality. That gets both a yuck and yay! I am glad to be home, but here is to another busy week ahead. I hope you all are feeling well again; it looks like at...
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