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    Re: To wash or not to wash

    Yep -- I always wash it. For all the reasons noted above plus I just want to make sure there are no surprises. Also, I have pets and I worry about sending along my pet hair to anyone who would be...
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    Re: Binding dilemma

    Just my opinion, but I would use the same yellow print you used on the border. With the beautiful horizontal stripes in various colors, I don't want to be distracted by a strong contrast binding,...
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    Re: Shortening vs butter

    I'm a lard gal -- all the way. I don't use it all the time because I don't like the store bought stuff and it's a pain to render it yourself. But there's no better result to be had in baking or in...
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    Re: Shortening vs butter

    Can you tell me the name of the restaurant? I'd like to visit it.
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    Re: Back is finished!

    That is so adorable! It will be a treasure when finished.
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    Re: How DID she do this?

    That's a great quilt, and very simple. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to Pin it.
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    Re: Where to start

    I have only taken one Craftsy class, but I thought it was very high quality. I learned to paper piece, expertly, in just a few hours. Plus I got a free book with dozens of free patterns.

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    Re: I'm a terrible mother...

    I only have two and I'm happy as heck to be a new empty nester!

    When my oldest child (a girl) left for college two years ago, I really struggled. I had two years left with my son -- and it was...
  9. Re: Baby quilts.... 2 of 3 not aknowledged

    There's a scene in the movie "Date Night" where Tina Fey encounters a very rude young woman. She looks at her and says "Oh my god. Do you have ANY contact with your mother?"

    In my opinion, it's...
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    Re: Scant 1/4 or 1/4 inch.

    Thank you for this explanation! I never knew this but it makes total sense. Light bulb moment!
  11. Re: Friend used my quilt for professional pictures!

    I made a wedding gift quilt (which I shipped early) and the couple ended up using it in their engagement photos. I was ecstatic! I know what you mean . . . it's a high form of praise.

    BTW: your...
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    Re: Traditional vs. Modern/Art

    When people can't even be charitable to one another about quilts, is it any wonder our world is in the state it is? "My quilting is the right way" is -- to me -- akin to "My skin is the right color"...
  13. Re: I'm not losing a son... (pic heavy)

    I did the same thing when my daughter at college moved into her own apartment and decided not to come home for the summers anymore. I love having a dedicated sewing space! Congrats!
  14. Re: Fair use of other people's ideas?

    I think what you want to do constitutes fair use.

    I once made a mini-quilt that replicated almost exactly the design of a neon sign for sale on a commercial website. I credited the neon sign...
  15. Re: Need your tips and tricks for eating better and spending less

    I had never heard of sumac until last week. A friend of mine introduced me to it via a quinoa/lentil pilaf that includes sumac. I live in a small town with limited grocery options, so fortunately my...
  16. Re: Need your tips and tricks for eating better and spending less

    By the way, I love quinoa! I found a new recipe for a lentil quinoa salad that features walnut oil and sumac and mint. I'm going to try it this weekend.
  17. Re: Need your tips and tricks for eating better and spending less

    These are all great tips!

    Part of the problem is that my hubby and I both like to cook and both like good food. Being in the kitchen and preparing a meal and eating it is our fun. So we have...
  18. Need your tips and tricks for eating better and spending less

    Hi friends --I'm looking for your best tips, tricks and recipes.

    In an effort to keep a tighter rein on our budget, my DH and I have vowed to 1) spend less on groceries and 2) waste/throw away...
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    Re: What is your worst sewing habit?

    I'm a neat freak so I tidy up my sewing room after every single sewing session. (Yeah, I'm THAT person.) But I rush too fast. I cut too fast, iron too fast, sew too fast, do everything too fast,...
  20. Re: OMG I snipped a thread AND a tiny hole in a quilt block...

    I recently tried to sew a piece of selvedge on the back of my quilt. (I saw a lady who does this on every quilt she makes and I liked the idea.) As you know, selvedge is SKINNY and after I washed my...
  21. Re: Latest quilt for my best friends baby

    Really great job, especially your quilting!
  22. Re: searching for specific colors

    Hawthorne Threads is one of my favorites!
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    Re: Trying again!

    Very nice!
  24. Re: Sew Sew Much To Do - or another Flash Sewing Weekend!

    I'm in!

    Working on a version of this quilt I saw on Pinterest:

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    Re: Chopped block quilt

    How did you like putting it together? I don't often sew from patterns (I prefer to create my own designs) and I'm always amazed when I do that I can really like the way a block/quilt looks but not...
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