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    Re: Mid-arm machine suggestions please

    Have ou looked at Ken's sewing center in Muscle Shoals, Al? It might be worth the drive or at least check their website.
  2. Re: I think pattern measurements are off...

    Are you sure you didn't add an extra block?
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    Re: It's Saturday! :)

    It is a rainy day in SW Pennsylvania so the fall festival has been put on hold for today, maybe we will go tomorrow. Instead we will visit the two local quilt shops and perhaps wander an antique mall...
  4. Re: Don't forget it's Breast Cancer Awareness month

    I had one last Friday and it didn't seem quite as uncomfortable as in the past. Maybe they have improved the methods.
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    Re: WiP Oct 4 - 10, 2019

    Thanks for this, I had not seen it. I bought her acrylic templates, I hope they are the correct size and shape. If they don't match the paper one I may get in touch with her and return for the...
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    Re: Good Morning, Sunday! :)

    We are finally getting some cooler temps and rain. We haven't had a real rain in about three months and hearing it last night was fantastic.
    We are going to WV, Oh and south west Pa soon and...
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    Re: WiP Oct 4 - 10, 2019

    I started walking foot quilting on a king flying geese quilt yesterday. It is going along nicely but it is quite a lot to manage, big and heavy so I only did an hour or so.
    After shoving that one...
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    Re: Best Pattern for Silk Velvet?

    Beautiful fabrics, I think I would just cut it into random squares or rectangles and put it back together with black sashing sort of Mondrian like. I probably would back it with minkee and not use...
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    Re: WiP Sept 27 - Oct 3, 2019

    Whew, I finally got this one pieced and sandwiched and trying to figure out how best to quilt it. I think I may just do it like the pattern in the book, gentle waves across the quilt using a walking...
  10. Re: Make a "Four Square" Quilt with Jenny Doan

    I would probably put a print/color square in the center but then I guess it would be a different quilt.:D
  11. Re: I Disliked Joining Strips - I Started Using QR's Mini-Triangle Ruler

    Hers won't have as many dog ears but mine can be done for all the strips at once. It amounts to about the same thing.
  12. Re: I Disliked Joining Strips - I Started Using QR's Mini-Triangle Ruler

    I took some pictures when I did this yesterday.160806160807
  13. Re: Courtyard Cabin free pattern download

    Wow, that is a beauty, not sure about intermediate though.
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    Re: Happy Tuesday

    Eggplant parm sounds so yummy to me.
    I have been working on the piles in my workroom, I managed to get a small quilt fmq and the binding sewn to one side. Maybe today I can get the other side sewn...
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    Re: Fudge brownie pie

    Right, it is like a brownie in a pie pan.
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    Re: Good Sunday Morning

    We didn't get to go to DS or hang DGS curtains yesterday as DGS was sick, running a temp and throwing up. So sorry that poor baby is sick and we didn't need to be exposed. It is not a rush so we can...
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    Fudge brownie pie

    This is an easy and delicious dessert.
    2 eggs
    1 c sugar
    1/2 c butter, melted
    1/3 c cocoa
    1/2 c unsifted flour
    1/4 t salt
    1/2 c chopped nuts [pecans]
    1 t vanilla
    Beat eggs, add sugar and...
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    Re: It's Saturday!

    Saturday is for college football in Alabama but up until gametime I will work on a flying geese modern quilt that I am making for DS new king bed. I have finally gotten all the geese done, it is...
  19. Re: I Disliked Joining Strips - I Started Using QR's Mini-Triangle Ruler

    I meant the ends of the strips, not bias binding. When I cut the binding strips, I line all the strip ends up on the lines on my mat and cut them all in one fell swoop on a 45% angle, fast and easy.
  20. Re: I Disliked Joining Strips - I Started Using QR's Mini-Triangle Ruler

    I have always cut my strips on a 45% when I am have enough cut to size. I also press them in half before I join the lengths as it is so much easier to press a 40" strip than one that is 6 or 8 times...
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    Re: It Thursday

    I have to go to the gym this morning and when I return the rest of the day will be quilting.
    I have been making flying geese in spurts, sew, cut, press, trim, and repeat. There are going to be 300...
  22. Re: Anyone make a dresden block that fits on a 10" square?

    When in doubt, you can always cut some from paper to experiment.
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    Re: Polyester fleece blanket batting?

    I don't think it will be a problem. Are you using this as a practice piece?
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    Re: REPLAY: Crumb Quilting with Jenny

    Yes, all about getting better but there is no shame in simple designs. They are lovely, too.
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    Re: Eye Candy

    So much fun, just crinkle your eyes.:D
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