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    Re: Good Sunday Morning

    Ready or not, here I come. I packed and loaded all the food, sewing stuff, clothes and snowshoes in the car. Tomorrow morning, I will load the frozen & fresh food and I'm off to pick up Dorothy...
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    Re: Good Sunday Morning

    Good morning everyone,

    Sunny and warming up. The roads were wet & messy yesterday, so forget trying to keep the car clean. I try to wash it often as the road salt is not good for cars. DH is...
  3. Re: Sunburst? More Like... FUNburst!!! Sew Pretty Half Square Strip Tube Quilt Tutorial :)

    I like this one. Simple and could be made pretty fast.
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    Re: Opinions please!

    Beautiful. I think either pebbles or small stippling.
  5. Re: Scrap buster baby quilt on point

    Very pretty and great use of scraps.
  6. Re: Having a brain lockup moment

    I love my Gizmo. Dang, reminds me I forgot to pack it.
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    Re: Saturday Morning Hellos! :)

    I think they look beautiful, but they must be small since I can see the lines on your mat. Is this with the SKW curved ruler? I love your Stonehenge Northcott fabric.

    I picked up all the food for...
  8. Re: I love last week's tutorial "Mountain Lily" Quilt!

    I love those colours, but I would go with a deep purple. I like the green too, but not w fan of the kelly green used in the tutorial.
  9. Re: getting ready for move to coast of NC

    Good luck with your move. I'm certain you will be there at the best time of year to enjoy. You might enjoy a change of pace. Just breathe.
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    Re: Saturday Morning Hellos! :)

    Good morning,

    Sun is shining and it will warm up to 3C today. I didn't sleep well as DH was up at 3am and came back to bed around 5am, so no sleep in between for me either. He's still sleeping...
  11. Re: back from the quilter and ready for the bed.

    Beautiful quilt. It's inspired me to get out those layer cakes.
  12. WIP - February 21-28, 2020

    I see a lot of threads with great quilt finishes and in progress. I expect that our winter will last another 6 weeks, hopefully not into mid-April this year. Quilting is on the agenda a lot more...
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    Re: It's Friday

    Good morning all,
    Another sunny but oh so cold, I think -23c with wind chill. I got results from bloodwork & tests - all are good, so I guess I'm tired 'cause I'm doing too much and need to rest....
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    Re: Arthritis help suggestion

    Thank you so much for sharing. This would be great for my arthritic fingers and hand. I have used the ball, but I think the Thera putty will provide for a range of strengths.
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    Re: Hello Thursday

    Good morning all,

    Sunny but really cold today again. I have a follow-up appt at doctor, then I told DD I would help her as she de-clutters basement. This usually means a lot of donations of...
  16. Re: Lustrous Log Cabin Quilt from Simply Moderne

    I like this one too. I must confess I have never made a log cabin, but this could be the one.
  17. Re: Improvisational curved - How to sew original patchwork on your desk.

    Love it. I love all of her quilt patterns.
  18. Re: The healing power of quilting

    I started quilting five years ago, mostly because I wanted to quilt when I retired. A few years before that, I had 2 severe concussuions five months apart, stupid accidents. While still working, I...
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    Re: WIP - February 14-20, 2020

    Agree Sherri. Your entries are beautiful. Hope they bring home some ribbon. Good luck.

    All I've managed is to get some fabric cut and prepped for a quilt next week. Also bringing small projects to...
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    Re: Wednesday has arrived

    Good morning all,
    Sunny & cold, windy. Monique you are probably getting those howling winds and snow we got yesterday. This winter our weather is like a yo-yo. I woke up at 4am, and PJ took...
  21. Re: The crazy quilt is finally finished!

    I love it. It's happy and colourful. Who cares what 'they' think, it will be your great comfort.
  22. Re: Birthday alert **lapeoples**

    Happy birthday Lorie. I'll have the corner on that cake, Monique. Thanks.
  23. Re: The crazy quilt is finally finished!

    Congrats on your finish. Look forward to seeing it.
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    Re: Newbie

    Welcome to the forum from Canada.
  25. Re: FREE Kaffe Irish Chain "Chain Links" Quilt Pattern!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    I will watch tonight but I think it will be perfect for a roll of Kaffe Fasset I've had for awhile. I was not inpsired to use it , until today.
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