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  1. Re: Why are you erasing our shopping cart contents?

    Hi everybody,

    I'm really sorry this has been happening for some of you again. There were some concerns about this in a thread back in June https://forum.missouriquiltco.com/showthread.php?t=76430....
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    Re: Disappearing Cart

    Just to get a sense of the issue, is this something that is still being experienced recently or frequently by anyone? We'd love to figure out what's going on, whether on our side or the user side.
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    Re: weekly special sold out by Thursday

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry I'm late to the party. Can you tell me where you saw the weekly special? I'd like to let our marketing and merchandising teams know when there are products being shown that are...
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    Re: Tell me I'm not the only one.......

    Hi g8dhorse7,

    This sounds like a huge pain. If you would send me a photo of what you're seeing, I can send that along to our head of customer service. She will be happy to reach out to the vendor...
  5. Re: Be warned! Something is wrong with quilt shop website today Monday 5/7

    It did expire yesterday and essentially brought things down for a short while. Casey, our tech director got it fixed and back up again pretty quickly.
  6. Re: shipping email notices ... mine stopped too

    Hey everybody,

    This one is a bit of head-scratcher. Our tech director took a look at the system that generates the emails and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. It should still be sending...
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    Re: Maybe it's just me.....?????

    Hi everyone. If you're reading this, then I guess the forum isn't completely broken yet ;)

    I let our tech director know about the issues many of you were finding on the site. He took a look, but...
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    Re: Internal Error

    Hi everybody,

    I just asked out tech director about what you described. He said there was an issue with search this morning, but that it's been cleared up now. Sorry for the inconvenience, but...
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    Re: Disappearing Cart

    Hi everybody,

    This is definitely a weird and frustrating problem. I spoke with our IT director about what you've described. There's nothing about our site's settings that he can think of that...
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    Re: On sale costs more?

    Thanks for catching that Judy. Looks like it was a simple error by a member of our sales team when they were plugging in the sale price. The price is now updated to $7.45.
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    Re: MSQ quilting times


    Hi everyone,

    Becky, our awesome manager of machine quilting, was able to get Betsy's quilt prioritized and it was finished and shipped off about an hour ago.

    I'll take a couple...
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    Re: Shipping/Inventory

    I'm so sorry this happened. We dropped the ball on this.

    It brings up an issue that had not occurred to me before. The way we process orders is by filling up a cart. Those carts begin with FBY,...
  13. Thread: Shipping

    by PugetBound

    Re: Shipping

    Hi baskets4deb,

    Our average age of shipped orders has been steadily coming down lately thanks to some changes made in handling orders.

    In the past we've made the mistake of allowing some of...
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    Re: How is this possible?!!!

    Hi Shemur,

    That really stinks. I appreciate you sharing this, as much as it makes me cringe to read.

    I'm one of the people at MSQC who meets with our account managers at UPS and USPS. I'm...
  15. Re: Fast Shipping - things are looking good at M*!

    Hi Astoria,

    I'm sorry we missed the mark on that one. Hopefully it wasn't it doesn't set you back too far on replacing your son's girlfriend's comforter. Please let me know directly if you don't...
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    Re: Search Feature

    Hi Carlie,

    It's possible you clicked on it when the site was indexing. Are you never able to find it when you search, or was it just the one time?

    Here's what I see when I type in "Imperial"...
  17. Re: Fast Shipping - things are looking good at M*!

    Hi dwil23,

    I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with SurePost shipping. It looks like you're in Florida, so with SurePost, time in transit would typically be 4 days (UPS ground is 3 days, plus...
  18. Re: Fast Shipping - things are looking good at M*!

    This is awesome to hear. We're still very much focused on taking care of customers whose orders are older and haven't shipped yet (there's an entire team dedicated to those orders), but it definitely...
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    Re: Seriously Disappointed in Order Handling

    Hi Georgie Girl,

    I just let our head of customer service know about your situation.

    Can you send me your order and contact info directly so she can help take care of you?

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    Re: Item backordered- in September never came

    Hi tsladaritz,

    As some of the other members have said, if you haven't already called or reached out via chat, you should try that.

    We hate to see when an order or item falls through the...
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    Re: Golden Star issues & Packing issues

    Hi tlragogo,

    I'm sorry about the small print on the Golden Star tickets. That's definitely something we're going to be looking into with our printer in the future. As for the numbers that were...
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    Re: BLOCK download troubles?

    The issue was with the server, but it has been fixed and should be working like charm now.
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    Re: Not really a squeak but a question

    We've seen this a few time recently and it has been an indexing issue with our hosting service.
  24. Re: Link to M* Dresden Turkey Pattern not working

    Hi everybody,

    Al was able to move the file to the correct location. The pattern is now listed under the tutorial resources here:...
  25. Re: Disappointed in the Sew Slip Multi Purpose Sheet

    Hi LindaKay,

    I just spoken with our head of customer service about this and forwarded her all of your comments. She'll take care of you. If you can send me your contact information in a private...
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