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    Re: Ten inch large florals patterns needed.

    I have found that Maple Island patterns great for using large print fabrics. There are several out there check them out.

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  2. My first attempt at a Catheral window pillow

    I have always loved this pattern and this is my first attempt. I am really proud of how it came out. Now I can't wait to do another.156194
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    new baby quilt

    Just finished baby quilt for my nieces friend.
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    Baby quilt

    Just finished this quilt for a friend of my nieces.155988155989
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    Re: A QAYG question regarding backing??

    I have done QAYG and the backing is done on each block as you quilt it. The sashing between the blocks is how it all comes together. I never heard of putting the backing on last. Good luck.
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    Lexington sampler

    Just finished the top now to get it basted and quilted.
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    Re: Janome Zig Zag question

    I think you need to have at least a 16 or higher to do the jelly roll rug. From what I learn you need a 40 wtg thread also if it is going to be washed a lot. That is what we were told in a demo of...
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    Re: Square runner topper wine theme

    Beautiful job
  9. Re: Does anyone know the name of this pattern

    Sorry never mind I was looking at the wrong date on the magazine. Better put my glasses on first.
  10. Re: Does anyone know the name of this pattern

    You can pick it up at any place that sells quilt magazines since this is the new issue for this year. Barnes and Nobel would probably have it or a JoAnns. I check Walmart also.
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    Re: Looking for input on fusible batting

    The fusible batting I get usually comes on a bolt and is 44 inches wide. You can buy it by the yard at Joann's. I usually buy it by the bolt there also.
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    Re: Looking for input on fusible batting

    I have used fusible batting on table runners and toppers even purses. I have never had any trouble. You fuse to the backing of the project not the top. I use Sullivan spray basting on that. By...
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    Re: Tools for making HST

    I have the Wonder cut ruler and I love it. They all come out accurately with very little trimming. It is great if you are making a lot of HST in two colors like white and blue. You get about 16 ...
  14. Re: Where to buy bobbins for vintage Singer

    Could these work for you.149202
  15. Re: Where to buy bobbins for vintage Singer

    Do you think these bobbins will work for you.
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    Re: What's Wrong With Me

    At least I am not the only one with this problem. I will put something down and 5 min later I can't find it. I am still looking for some stripe fabric I got 6 months ago. I remember showing it to...
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    Re: disappointed today

    I think you did the right thing. How rude for someone to act that way and then to lie about it. She doesn't seem like a very nice person. I hope she doesn't take the joy of you giving to others....
  18. Re: Will you be brutally honest with me please?

    I think you are doing great on your binding. I also do mine by hand.
  19. Re: What's the best class (online or otherwise) to learn FMQ on my sewing machine

    Hi, I know how you feel. I love Leah Day's free motion videos. I think I have all of them in fact. She is really good and very easy to understand and follow. Good luck in your search. I think...
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    baby quilt

    This is a surprise baby quilt I just finished for a dear friend
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    baby blanklet

    This is a surprise baby gift to a close friend. Just finished the binding.146313146314
  22. Re: Grand Adventure Table Runner from Jenny's tutorial

    You did a beautiful job. I love the colors you picked. It is going on my list.
  23. Re: Magnolia Mystery Quilt 2017-2018 anyone?

    I am making the lap size on this one. Just finishing up getting the rest of my fabric. I am going with batiks in shades of browns and gold. Her other mystery quilts have been very pretty.
  24. Re: How does one politely back out of a class?

    I can see why you have to pay for the pattern. It seems some people buy a pattern take it home and make a copy of it then try to return it to get their money back. They try to pull one over on the...
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    Re: flying geese log cabin

    You did a beautiful job. Love the batiks now I have to put this on my list. You are a awesome friend. Great job
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