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    Re: Love the Daily Deal today

    For those reading this thread this late they are sold out!
  2. Re: if its midnight here what time is it at

    With daylight savings time differences in spring and fall I've found this to be best.
  3. Re: Advice to prevent Half Square Triangles from Stretching

    Danny, you are right that there are pro's who can deal with the stretching issue. If you are not doing patterns that have HST's because of the stretching fear then Best Press or starch your squares...
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    Re: Forum Upgrade

    Thanks for the head's up, Al!

    As a card carrying night owl I probably would have thought it was a "MY computer" issue. You have saved me a lot of middle of the night angst. Looking forward...
  5. Re: Daily Special aready sold out - and it's not even a minute past midnight!

    I thought maybe it was just going to take time to load so I tried again at 3am Missouri time. Yep - Sold Out overlay on the page and Sold Out Forever when you go to the page.

    Wonder if there...
  6. Re: News Story of a Vermont "Super Senior " Quilter

    Thanks for posting the link Wendy. So happy he was able to work with the fabric his wife left and still feels close to her.
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    Re: Moda Puzzle Pieces charm pack

    Looks to me like it's mostly mediums. I'd probably separate out into light, medium and dark stacks and mix them up when doing the first chain pieced strip. Keep them in that order when doing the...
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    Re: When was this -> added?

    And Doloris has been using it for years. I agree - I've seen and used it for years!
  9. Is this the new Quilt Class style in your area?

    So there is a relatively young (3 years I believe) quilt shop in the area. Since it looks like I'll be staying in one location for a while I checked out their classes. I remember the days when I...
  10. Re: I'm not here to hurt anybody, I just want some yardage....and maybe this thread.

    What a great first post! Welcome to the fold (pun intended.) And good luck on future shopping trips. Let me offer a story.

    My husband would go there, among other fabric shops, to buy kids...
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    Re: Packing Slip Problems

    I've gone paperless ... but then I have an account. Easy to go to my account and click on Orders. It lists orders with the most recent first - even if it's still In Progress. When I click on...
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    Re: quilter review

    The Ebay seller is actually the Quilt Cut owner. I contacted him and found out the inventory is held at Amazon and EBay purchases are drop shipped from there. Since I have prime I ordered Friday am...
  13. Re: Have you walked your daughter down the Isle?

    Found this to be pretty much an all encompassing article that addresses a bunch of situations about walking down the aisle. https://www.thespruce.com/who-walks-the-bride-down-the-aisle-3490179 ...
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    Re: Since we're taclking about scraps ....

    Thanks for thinking of me ... But no ... still have the temporary fix. There was more damage than originally estimated that needs to be addressed. Looks like a springtime start since they may have...
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    Re: Since we're taclking about scraps ....

    Thanks, Karen! I plan on working on them during the retreat. Goal is to get 1 a month done during the next 16 months. If my math is correct it takes about 90 feet of 2 inch strips per top. I know...
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    Re: Scrap storage

    I sorted by size and kept them in small bins - 2 inch in smallest. Larger than 2 1/2 to 4 inch the next bin size up and so on. Strips 6 inches and up were put around comic book boards. Never kept...
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    Re: National Quilters Circle Quilt for a Cause

    You put a lot of work and talent into that Linus quilt! Beautiful.
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    Since we're taclking about scraps ....

    Scrap storage was addressed on another thread. I'd like to add my 2 cents.

    I'm working on a project that has used up a vast majority of my stash. The block is based on the Ocracoke Cracker...
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    Re: Hello from Ferluknat Farm

    Hi Hollykay - I hope to meet up with you this year. I meant to meet up with Charyti at your shop last year but timing wasn't right. Welcome to the forum ... and hope you will share more of your...
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    It never seems to hurt less no matter how many have gone over the bridge. Each one holds a special place in our hearts. So sorry ... Virtual hugs to you.
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    Re: I'm Curious To Know.....???

    In North Carolina the cutting table and storage area is in a light green room; Sewing machines are in a light pink room.

    In Chicago everything fits in the room addition which is paneled with...
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    Re: quilter review

    I found one at that price ... BUT ... it's QuiltCut Strip Savvy XL Slotted Quilting Ruler, QCGE1XL (24" x 17") not the Stripology XL. Looks a bit different but should work the same.

    If you did...
  23. Re: New Illinois Member - Chicago Area (Western Suburbs)

    Hello - We may be close to one another. My time is split between coastal North Carolina and Chicago (Midway Airport area.) This is a great group with lots of helpful information so know you can...
  24. Re: Anyone try the Quilt as You Go Hexi yet?

    I had some left over Wrap-n-Zap from making bowl cozies. Used that instead of regular batting and sewed up a bunch for small Christmas presents. I think they are a perfect size for a small mug rug....
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    Re: Heard From Lenore in Australia

    Thanks for the update. I was pretty sure she wasn't directly affected and happy to hear you confirmed that for us.
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