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  1. Re: I lost all confidence in my confidence quilting machine.

    Unfortunately, Singers are temperamental miserable machines. My mom had one it was stupid, I bought one because that's what I learned on, it was stupid. I will never buy another Singer, you couldn't...
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    Re: Snowman Quilt

    Wow wow wow wowee wow. You did an amazing job!
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    Re: Continuous curve with ruler

    That's an awesome idea to use a ruler for that. I'll be trying that out with my rulers for sure!
  4. Re: Will you be brutally honest with me please?

    Looks perfect to me. I tend to use thread the same color as my binding because if you're gonna see it, that's where it will show. But you're doing just fine.
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    Re: UFO storage

    I have 12x12 craft boxes from Michaels that I use for in the works projects. I have a rubbermaid bin with probably 25 finished quilt tops that I haven't sandwiched yet, then on my cutting table,...
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    Re: what would you choose?

    I like number 2 as well.
  7. Re: Do you put bindings on your quilts with a walking foot?

    I've used both and haven't noticed a difference.
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    Re: FINISHED at last!

    I am amazed you finished it that quickly. I'm sure I only posted mine with the quilting a few weeks ago. It took me a good 2-3 months to finish quilting mine, but I work full time and have family...
  9. Re: Advise on batting for a very warm lap quilt-help please!

    No need to re-think. I used to quilt my quilts on my old Janome and it had no bigger of a throat space. I now quilt all my own quilts on my Bernina 440QE and frankly it's got a pretty small throat...
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    Re: Buying by the bolt.

    You could ask your local quilt shop to see if they will bring one in for you. I have only bought a whole bolt when my local shop clears out, so I get a good discount. I have purchased an entire...
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    Re: Double layer of batting

    I think there are a few longarmers out there that double up their batting, less about warmth and more about showing the actual quilting really nicely.

    My only caution about doing that and quilting...
  12. Re: Put the last stitches in the binding last night

    Oh no, I don't mind at all. I had a heck of a time figuring out how to quilt it as well. Here's a close up to see what I did. In the darkest red/black pieces I just quilted around the outside of...
  13. Re: Put the last stitches in the binding last night

    I did straight lines and lines on the 45 degree angle. I have more close up pictures. I admit to asking another quilter if I could steal her idea. It won't let me upload. I'll try again tomorrow.
  14. Put the last stitches in the binding last night

    I'm so glad to be done this one. It's been under my machine since before Christmas. Hopefully the picture worked. I haven't done this in a long time. 140091
  15. Re: What Kind of Quilty Goodies Did You Get for Christmas?

    Just one thing this year. I asked for, and received, a folding mat for my retreats. One side is a cutting mat and the other side is a surface to iron on.
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    Re: Using batik fabric for binding

    Was it quality fabric? That's my first and only thought. The only quilts I have ever had fray on the corner of the binding were made with inferior fabric purchased at Fabricland. I have never had...
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    Re: Black batting for black backgrounds???

    Nothing at all will happen. If I was using that high loft batting, I'd use black because it can get pulled though with the needle, but regular quilt batting should have that problem at all. I've...
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    Re: Best batting to use?

    I've used batting with minky on the back. Just the usual 80/20 warm and natural. Bamboo has a really nice lay to it though, I used that for one of my stays in my house quilts, it's pricier.

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    Re: Never again

    I love my local quilt shop. They have a small play area for kids, the staff are so friendly, they put on tons of classes. My only qualm is that she carries more batiks than anything else, and I...
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    Re: Goodnight Irene top finally done

    It's lovely. I have my blocks all done up for mine, but just have to sew them together. I like that you chose something other than white for the background. I used charcoal grey and BasicGrey's...
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    Re: Labyrinth Walk for my 16 year old son

    I love the colors in yours Iris Girl. I wouldn't have chosen the colors he chose, but it's his quilt. I have learned over the years in other projects, when they say contrast, they mean contrast. ...
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    Re: Machine hates batting!

    Check under your feed dogs. Sometimes lint and dust accumulates there so the feed dogs don't work like they should. I had a machine (Janome) that I took in to be serviced and that was my biggest...
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    Re: Perspective

    I recently made the labyrinth walk for my son and I couldn't see the 3d effect until I took a picture of it. It just looks weird to me flat on the bed. Especially that 2nd block, the one you have...
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    Re: Labyrinth Walk

    I'm sorry. That's a horrible thing to be taken advantage of. I think you were very gracious about it.
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    Labyrinth Walk for my 16 year old son


    Funny that I came to post this today and saw another one posted. Popular pattern.

    Finished the flimsy today. He told me the colours he wanted, I went shopping and sewed and sewed. He...
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