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    Re: It's Monday

    Good morning everyone,

    I love the sun and warmth. You can see the mood lifting in people and me too. It was such a long winter and wet spring, this is welcome. I spread more bags of mulch and soil...
  2. Re: Carolina, Duke and State (NC)

    It's a beautiful quilt, Katrina. I know that Mike will feel wrapped in your love.
  3. Re: Good morning from the Emerald Isle!

    Good afternoon,
    Jean - that sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    Yesterday we were on the road early as DH wanted to get to the gliding club early. After I dropped him off I got on the road...
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    Re: Today only

    I just opened my emails and saw that. Missed it again. I wish they would send out a few days earlier as I don't check emails everyday. They've been having them more frequently, so I will watch.
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    Re: WiP June 21 - 27, 2019

    Threadbndr - no problem, I can kick off next Friday. I have no plans. It's nice to see a large quilt show. You mentioned it would be in Wichita in a few years, maybe DH and I can schedule a trip to...
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    Re: Good morning Friday

    Katrina - you would get used to the metal roof. It wouldn't be too freaky for you as there is no snow accumulation in FL. Ours sits, then slides like an avalanche. The cats just freak out. It is...
  7. Re: How Glorious can Gloriana be?

    I am amazed at how quilters are generous with their time and devotion. Beautiful work.
  8. Re: Shriner project has a bright spot

    It's another beautiful and happy quilt.
  9. Re: Friday Trivia: Washington 🇺🇸

    Interesting, and some funny strange laws.
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    Re: Good morning Friday

    Happy Friday,
    We are expecting warm and sunny days into next week. I can take it. I hear you, Barb - the weather is cettainly having an effect on me more these days. It seems that health and...
  11. Re: From African Women to International Sisters

    Oh Pretti has beautiful ideas. Love the travel pictures.
  12. Re: A Smile for the Weekend! 😀

    So cute Anita. Thanks for sharing. Very timely, given that this is the first day of summer vacation for some schools.
  13. Re: My son's first real sewing project...

    They are perfect and I'm certain he will want to keep these for a long time. I think it's wonderful that he has his dad's creative bug.
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    Re: Finished this lapquilt

    It s a beautiful quilt, Michele. Great use and mix of colours.
  15. Re: Make an "Easy Clamshell" Quilt with Jenny Doan

    It's pretty, but I don't think I would make it, just yet. I am working on Bird Song using the Quick Curve Ruler, and while sewing the curves is doable, it is challenging to sew. I'm certain that by...
  16. Re: Good news, sad news and great news!!

    Please extend my best wishes to your parents. My grandparents almost made it to 70, and my parents to 58. It is tribute to them and the beautiful life they have shared, and to be blessed with family....
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    Re: Thursday hellos

    To avoid surgery, you may want to seek the services of an osteopath. Tremendously helped me and DH.
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    Re: Thursday hellos

    Good morning everyone,

    It's cloudy and rain is forecast after lunch. I will run errands thIs morning. I was on Facebook and I was surprised to read that one of my favorite LQS (Chesterville) is...
  19. Re: Thursday Trivia: Virginia 🇺🇸

    Interesting. Some trance laws. I guess amending these could keep law makers in business for centuries.
  20. Re: Raise Your Trunk... and Dance

    Beautiful. I love turned up trunks for good luck.
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    Re: This is why

    Ouch that looks painful. I hope it heals quickly.
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    Re: It's Wednesday

    Good morning,

    Oh I am grateful that we don't have black flies, but the mosquitoes are bothersome at certain times of the day. I planted the dahlias and tomato plants yesterday. I will plant the...
  23. Re: Tuesday Trivia: Quebec, Canada 🇨🇦

    It's a beautiful place to visit. I've stayed at Chateau Frontenac several times and just love going there. The food, the ambiance, the horse drawn carriages, the culture -- it's a very European feel....
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    Re: I'm stoked!!!!

    That's great news and I'm certain that you feel better, having lost the weight, while eating good foods.
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    Re: It's Tuesday.

    Good morning all,
    It was a beautiful day to drive out of town for lunch with GFs. We went to a restaurant by the water, sat on the patio enjoying lunch and Sangrias. Then my GF and I stopped at an...
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