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    Re: Looking for Fabric


    Hope this comes through.
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    Re: Looking for Fabric

    Thanks! I will check that out as well.
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    Looking for Fabric

    I have to forward this with the fact that I am a background member-I read everything posted but rarely post myself.

    I hope I am in the correct spot to post for my search of fabric. I have the...
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    Re: My Birthday went by...

    I am afraid I do not know this iron. Can you tell me the brand? I have an anniversary coming up!!!!
  5. Re: Juki TL2010Q won't sew with cotton thread?

    I have the same problem. My bobbin does not like the cotton thread and unwinds unevenly. I have found the only thread my machine likes is Gutermann (sp) thread. It is polyester and works like a...
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    Re: My Butterfly Top

    Very nice!
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    Re: Personal trivia

    My grandfathers cousin was Lawrence Welks mother.
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    Re: Guess what!!

    Just saw this! Oh my, congratulations! She is one lucky girl! Best wishes for a fantastic new life together. Jenny must being do a jig right now! :)
  9. Re: Al is stepping down from MSQC :(

    I got teary eyed reading this post, but as others have said, he will always be part of this business, and more importantly, part of our extended family. Well done, Al, well done!!
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    Re: Christmas Music

    Beautifully done! I love this style of Christmas music. Thank you for sharing.
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    Re: Knitted Yardage

    Thank you for your thoughts regarding the knitted yardage. I will use something else to be safe. :icon_bigsmile:
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    Knitted Yardage

    I bought what I thought was regular cotton fabric, but when I went to cut it, it felt like flannel. The selvage reads "knitted yardage" but the description online says it is 100% cotton. Can I use...
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    Re: Family Update

    I usually just lurk in the background reading posts and living life vicariously through all of you, but I had to get online to say your children are beautiful and growing so fast! Your son is a mini...
  14. Re: Ikea + dollar store = sewing storage

    I bought the CHEAP fabric boxes to organize my hall closet. Never thought of using them for sewing storage but I will now!! It is great storage at an even greater price! Well done!
  15. Re: What have you purchased that you never use or would never buy again?

    I got the Accuquilt die cutter as a gift after oohing and aahing over it. I do not use it as much as I should to justify the cost. And yes it does waste fabric. My granddaughter likes it though,...
  16. Re: What have you purchased that you never use or would never buy again?

    Mine did the same thing-very disappointed.
  17. Re: What have you purchased that you never use or would never buy again?

    I know most people like theirs, but I bought the bendable bright light and the darn thing could not provide adequate light or bend into the areas I needed. It was an expensive purchase sitting in...
  18. Re: Are there any quilting therapists out there?

    My MIL died a few of weeks ago and we have been cleaning out her house. She was a hoarder and we had an entire room full of bins and bags and boxes of all kinds of fabrics. She had more shelves in...
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    Re: Birthday finish

    That's adorable! Is the pattern for sale?
  20. Re: A hello and update on me at long last

    Wendy, I am a lurker-I mostly sit back and live vicariously through others in the group. But I was just thinking about you the other day! I am glad you are back and feeling better. It sounds like...
  21. Re: Another Christmas present finished

    Your quilt is beautiful! I like your quilting idea as well and may borrow it! The Summer in the Park quilt was the first one I tried after finding Jenny and MSQC. I have to confess it is still a...
  22. Re: Disappearing Pinwheel-want to throw it out the window?

    I did the quatrefoil quilt and pulled my hair out (along with a million seams) with each block. Soooooo happy it's finished and I can send it away for awhile. Your quilt looks very nice-as everyone...
  23. Re: Help! Where Did I See That Quilt!?!

    Is it possibly the card trick quilt? There is a youtube video by Fons and Porter that does this quilt. Hope this helps!
  24. Re: White binding; Artistic choice or terrible decision?

    I had never thought about a white binding, but after seeing pictures of finished quilts I think it looks fresh and clean! May have to incorporate one into a future quilt. Good to hear all is well...
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    Re: Cancer Ribbon Quilt

    I think it is beautiful!
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