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    Re: Binding question

    I do pocket tuck to attach my ends. and I always press mine - twice. First I press open, or flat out, then turn the quilt over and press to the other side. I clip as I go, and pin the corners. My...
  2. Re: Do you use different colors of batting?

    Well golly, I have never given this much thought. Since I buy what's on sale, and tann-ish batting was recently on sale, that's what everybody is getting for the next 2 years. If they don't like it,...
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    Re: Round and round

    That's odd. I'd just put the batting and backing on, then quilt it. Why quilt it twice?
    Of course when I quilt, I do some stablising lines across in both directions before doing anything curvy or...
  4. Re: Help needed with Pinwheel blocks sizing to a panel.

    When I made a quilt from an almost 36x42 panel, I knew I wanted 6" finished blocks, so I made them.
    Then I added an oversized border, sewed it on the panel, and trimmed it down to fit the rows of...
  5. Re: Has anyone encountered your partner not being okay with gifts?

    Quilting is something you love, and giving is one of your attribute that makes you, who you are. It's a package deal. We all are. Love us as we are, or leave us.
    That said, there are questions you...
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    Re: Bias Question

    Yep. I've done that. The sides can still stretch as you 'stay' stitch them, but if you cut a border to the exact length, and pin it before sewing, your sides will stay the same.
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    Re: Rise in cotton batting prices

    I just got a couple rolls at Joanns sale. I heard they were going to exclusively sell their own brand of batting, and were going to sell off all the other brands they have. I think this will also...
  8. Re: Beta testers needed for new MSQC Shipping program

    I don't pay for machine quilting, and I don't know if I'll ever get to Hamilton, so sorry, but . . . big pass.
  9. Re: Extra wide backing fabric is too narrow! Can it go the other way?

    So you have a piece that is 108x126 and your quilt is 112x96?
    The only thing you'll have to do is turn it sideways, and trim it after it's quilted.
    Just because it's called 108 wide, doesn't mean...
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    Re: Something to inspire you

    Too bad the reporter didn't think it worthy of his research to find out that we don't call them 'blankets'
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    Re: Flower Show Collection

    That's what I do. Sometimes it takes me months to make up a 'kit' but as the fabric comes in, I add it to the bag until the kit is complete. Then I put it aside until it's time to do it. I am usually...
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    Re: This was a first

    My cart keeps emptying too.
    I like to pre-shop, then buy it when I get paid. Yes, I know things could be sold out, but that's the chance I take.
    Also, I like to put small items that I wouldn't...
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    Joy goes on vacation!

    Yep. My new completely portable sewing machine was taken on a test, and she passed wonderfully!

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    Re: Fabric.com is super fast!!

    One retailer I didn't like much, has moved up to the top of my list. Even though you have to spend $80 for free shipping, which is often my entire monthly budget, but when you want something fast . ....
  15. Re: Ho w to square up half-rectangle triangles

    Yeah, that's why I bought the bloc-loc set for 2.5x4.5 HRT's.
    I trim them in front of the TV with my lazy rotary mat. Easy on the eyes, and my back. Especially when you're doing 40 blocks with 4 of...
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    Re: 54/40 or fight quilt?????

    I got this in my Sew Sampler box. The pattern comes with paper templates also. The box included a mini jelly roll, and was only $29 with shipping, so somebody kept the other goodies and is selling...
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    Re: Oh how I obsess!

    A 99k is a 3/4 sized machine, straight stitch only, and takes a class 66 bobbin. Joy is from 1934. Some later models have a reverse. Side by side with the 128 [donor of the spoked handwheel] it is...
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    Oh how I obsess!

    Awhile back, I converted a Singer 99 because I couldn't justify spending $250 for one.
    Then to make it truly portable, I began to accessorize.
    I think I am done now,
    or at least until I get more...
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    Re: Is this a good deal on batting?

    Yes, Judy. I had such a hard time trying to buy it that I shut my computer down and called it a night.
    This morning, I tried again, picking different stores as "my store" finally I realised I wasn't...
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    Re: Coping Strips

    I've done it, just didn't know what they were called. Nice quilt!
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    Re: Is this a good deal on batting?

    I bought the Toasty 100% cotton when I found it on clearence in "twin" packs [2 tiwn sized pieces] for $15, figuring I had very little to lose. I found it easier to stuff under my domestic machine,...
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    Re: A QAYG question regarding backing??

    Oh, yeah. Thanks for sharing. I won't try this either. Well, if it's not going to a warmer location, then you could add a layer of batting under the backing, and quilt it around the already quilted...
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    Re: A QAYG question regarding backing??

    Well, I am confused. If it's a "Quilt as you go" then doesn't it already have backing? Isn't it quilted already?
  24. Re: quilting quotes for t-shirts wanted...

    "I make quilts from tiny bits of fabric
    What's your Super Power?"
  25. When your Favorite Fabric Designer . . .

    . . has his designs on a teapot!
    You know you want one.
    Kaffe Paperweight Teapot

    It's a good thing Philip Jacobs, Tula Pink, and Amy Butler don't have their designs on teapots. I sure don't want...
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