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    Re: Hello from Abilene, Texas!

    Another welcome from. Canada, Sally. You will find that you are in good company with many quilt addicts, who would rebel from rehab and sneak away to a quilt store. It's a great bunch and very...
  2. Re: What is your Quilting Testimony?

    Thanks Alina for kicking off this thread. I live in the suburbs of Canada's capital. I was raised about an hour away, and moved here when I finished college. I started sewing when I was 10 or 11,...
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    Re: Welcome Wednesday

    Good morning everyone,

    I am so grateful for sunny, no snow, milder temperature days. I could take this all winter, but they are predicting a really cold winter with lots of snow. Maybe I should...
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    Re: Yemen quilt size?

    I think either one would be ok. The one would be a bit longer but better than short.
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    Re: WIP Nov 15-21, 2019

    Your trees are so cute. It would add to everyone's decor.

    I pieced the back of the Grand Adventure (Misty mountains) quilt top. I also made the binding for 2 other queen size tops. I rented a...
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    Re: Size Question

    Nice fabric. I guess the size you make depends on where you want to use it. It's large enough that you have options. Welcome back.
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    Re: Tuesday already?

    Good morning all,
    It looks like another sunny day. It makes me forget how cold it is. It's been a busy past few days, so today is catch up day and try to rest so this cold doesn't get worst. I'm...
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    Re: It's Monday all right!!

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I was here early but had no time to post as I had a dental appt with TMJ specialist. I had issues over 25 years ago, and I feel that it has slowly been creeping back over...
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    Re: Quilting and home decor

    Like others I would suggest stitching it down. You could do some Trapunto stuffing to have some of the flower petals pop.

    Best of luck. Don't forget to post your finished project.
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    Re: Good Sunday Morning

    Good morning Katrina and all who follow,

    It sounds like you will have great pictures to enjoy. It's something we have to do in the next few years.

    It's going to be sunny again today with...
  11. Re: advent calendat and sewingroom signs

    - your cross stitch pictures are beautiful. Perfect for a sewing room.
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    Re: Good Morning Saturday! :)

    It's early evening, and I'm enjoying and relaxing with a glass of wine after today's craft show. It was a steady stream of people all day, with no breaks -- really, no breaks. I did really well, and...
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    Re: New to forum introduction

    Hi and welcome to the forum from Canada's capital.

    If you google Appliquick techniques, you will find a beautiful and easier way of doing applique patterns, also the tools to make this easier. ...
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    Re: It's finally Friday

    My craft table, racks are all set up, I had almost forgot to get change, but got to the bank on time. I guess I could have kept the second table I had rented, but a friend really wanted to get in,...
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    Re: WIP Nov 15-21, 2019

    Wow. This is going to be another stunning quilt.

    It's been a week of appts for DH and a funeral today. In between getting ready for a craft show on Saturday, I decided to make xmas coasters with...
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    It's finally Friday

    Good morning all,
    I thought I would get thread going. Monique is enjoying some time away, and I wish I was there.

    Yesterday was busy with Dorothy. We cut 2 1/2 bolts of batting and 4 x 30y...
  17. Re: Stonehendge "Reptile Ruckus" Panel Baby Quilt is Finished!

    These are beautiful Joy, and your quilting is stunning. Makes me want to pull out all those baby panels that I have.

    I think I make this a goal this winter, tackle baby fabric bin.
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    Re: Jelly rolls

    Lorie - I also had trouble with the 3 dudes pattern. Mostly because my GF bought a jelly roll, and then we decided to make it a queen/king size. All I could find was yardage which worked well, but...
  19. Re: Thank you. Great shipping to Canada.

    The day I ordered wasn't a free shipping day. So the shipping was regular fee of $10.US = ~$14. CDN depending on exchange rate. It was shipped FedEx Economy. This is better option than what was used...
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    Re: Steam from Irons

    I also set seams w/o steam. I do steam press the blocks as I go. If a block is not the exact measurements as the pattern, I steam it into submission, also using Best Press keeps it square.

  21. Re: Hello from a not so cold Thursday

    Sherri - that's a tough pill to swallow. I'm sorry that your husband isn't more sympathetic. I respect your decision to uphold wedding vows, and stick it out. It's your decision. But surely he has...
  22. Re: Hello from a not so cold Thursday

    Good day all / bonjour tous,

    There's light flurries and -8C. A true winter scene -- I just wish I could stay in today, but not going to happen. This morning I am going with my GF to cut 3 rolls...
  23. Thank you. Great shipping to Canada.

    I know that M* has been listening to our concerns about shipping times, delays and lack of tracking on orders

    I placed an order on a Saturday Nov 9th, and didn't expect shipping until Monday,...
  24. Re: It is a bitter cold Wednesday

    Brrr - boy it's cold out there. Currently -12 Celsius, and will be warming up to -6C. Snow looks like it's here to stay.

    I got a lot of small projects and items nagging me done in the sewing room...
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    Re: It's a white Tuesday

    It looks like we got about 6" according to weather people. We are supposed to have more. Our temp tonight is -10celsius and with the windchill, it's -25 Celsius. brrr. Glad I didn't go to guild...
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