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    Re: A few customized quilt labels

    Brother has a new label maker that will print on ribbon. Neat!

    I found some Etsy options that start out pretty cheap, ~$4 to $5:...
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    Re: A few customized quilt labels

    What about iron-on letters or fabric paint with or without a stencil? Maybe seal any fabric paint or ink with something like Scotch Guard?
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    Mystery Solid Fat Quarters

    On the last free shipping day, I ordered 15 of the mystery solid fat quarters. I received a wonderful assortment, all neatly folded. I'm super happy with what MSQC sent. This has to be one of the...
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    Re: WiP Sept 6 - 12, 2019

    I've got all the blocks made for my Halloween 4 Patch Frenzy quilt. Next, I need to prewash some flannel and sew it into a new design wall. It'll hang from binder clips on hooks above my closet...
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    Re: MSQC Thread in Juki 2010Q

    I wonder if a needle with a larger eye (like Topstitch) would help with the shredding. If M*'s cotton thread is 3 ply, then it could be rounder and more "fluffy" than Aurifil 50wt.
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    Re: MSQC Thread in Juki 2010Q

    I have the same machine. I haven't used MSQC's cotton thread with it yet, but when I FMQed with Superior So Fine, I had to thread the machine in the alternative way described in the manual for...
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    Re: Layer cakes

    Maybe doing a snip and tear down the middle of the fabric (lengthwise) would make it easier to fold and cut on the grain. Tearing fabric helps you get an on-grain edge, but you have to press it...
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    Re: WIP - August 23-29, 2019

    I had to put away all my sewing equipment at the beginning of July to make room to throw out my old mattress and move in the new one. I brought back my cutting table first and had the idea to cut...
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    Re: What's a Nickel Worth?

    Brilliant! Don't you just love finding a solution with something you have on hand?
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    Re: Cute free pattern

    Saved a copy. This would be great for one of my layer cakes I don't know what to do with. I wonder if I could enlarge the pattern to use all 42 squares? Each printed layer cake square makes two...
  11. Re: New Video About The Beginnings of MSQC

    A very well done and touching video. I didn't know the family went through such rough times in the beginning. I love their attitude about making the best of what you have and trying something even if...
  12. Re: Using a Roadmap for Easy Quilting

    You can get pencils just like that without paying for the quilter's markup or postage from Australia. They're no-cut tailor's pencils. You can find them at Alibaba, Amazon, and even Joann.

  13. Re: Fast and Easy Beginner Quilt - Quilt-in-a-day Stash Buster Quilt #2 - Free Pattern

    That turned out super cute. I love how she integrated lessons from her other videos on color theory and scrap management. I'm tempted to time myself making a simple quilt, too, but I know I'd take at...
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    Re: What a daily deal!!!

    I just couldn't resist! With my QC and despite shipping, it worked out to half price per spool.
  15. Re: Beta testers needed for new MSQC Shipping program

    There's nothing wrong with wanting to promote the Hamilton stores or the quilting services.

    Faster, discounted shipping is a great way to get online shoppers to choose MSQC over the competition....
  16. Re: Beta testers needed for new MSQC Shipping program

    I think most customers would never end up using the in-town credit. I love the idea of access to the digital Block library, though.

    Edit: What about Super Bonus Quilter's Cash? That could be...
  17. Re: Beta testers needed for new MSQC Shipping program

    A machine quilting credit would encourage me to try the machine quilting service. I do my own quilting, but it would be nice to have one done for me.

    Free and/or fast shipping is fine and well,...
  18. Re: Beta testers needed for new MSQC Shipping program

    Two day shipping sounds the most attractive. The fee breaks down to a little over $12 a month. If you compare it to the $7 expedited shipping option (not 2 day, but at least same week delivery), then...
  19. Re: Programs for those in need... not me. well, maybe not.

    I personally believe healthcare is a human right. I feel it is heartless to make your fellow man go without life sustaining medicine or surgery. To me, it is an odd notion that a person has to "earn"...
  20. Re: Programs for those in need... not me. well, maybe not.

    It makes me sad the way a lot of people judge those who use government assistance. Are there some people out there gaming the system? Absolutely. But not everyone on assistance is like that. A lot of...
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    Re: Courtyard path

    You can google drunkard's path layouts and find lots of ideas; you'll just have to remember you're limited to an 8X10 block layout.
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    Underwhelming Sales

    The sale today is for up to 30% off all 10" squares...but in reality the sale price for most items is only about $2 less than it sells for any other day. Suppose a layer cake is usually $36.95 and...
  23. Re: Make an "Easy Clamshell" Quilt with Jenny Doan

    I like that there's so little waste to this method. The end result is so pretty! I want to make this one eventually (especially if the template is ever a DD).

    If you wanted to make this with...
  24. Re: Make a "Road Trip" Map Applique Quilt with Jenny Doan

    I feel like this wasn't a good choice for a tutorial quilt. It's a beautiful quilt and would make a great kit. I'm not sure how to describe why, but it's like "Look at this cool quilt you can...
  25. Re: When is a quilt just too ugly to continue?

    I'm not an orange person, either, but I like this. I would either remove the applique stars, or if I left them in I would FMQ outlines of stars scattered across the quilt, then do loose wavy lines...
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