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    2 more quilts done

    After making quilts for my grdkids & my grt grdsons the twin boys. I've started makeing quilts for some of my brothers and sisters. I have 6 brothers & 2 sisters. These 2 quilts are for my 2 sisters...
  2. From Don-isewman--correction of my featherweight

    I'm correcting the date on my lucky penny feather weight. After checking from a couple antique sewing machine sights. I have the correct date of my featherweight. It not a 1924, the date is 1933-35....
  3. A quilt I did for my son Don & some words in my head that I post

    Before this quilt, I was playing around with another pattern. I wasn't crazy about what I was doing. The pattern for my son's quilt, I eventually thru out. The next day, I dug it out of the trash,...
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    A penny story & the luck with that penny

    You know when you find a penny. It suppose to bring you luck. Well I found my lucky penny. To the story. My nephew was out junking here in Muscatine, Ia, last week. Everyone, knows what junking is....
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    I'm guessing 4 months ahead of my self

    My wife Janie and me, are going to be grdparents in Sept. Our son Aaron & his wife Priscilla. This will be there 3rd. They have a daughter Autumn, and son Logan. It's going to be a boy. Dont have a...
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    Here is quilt I did in 2 weeks time

    This quilt was a expeiriment. The pattern is called Evening Star variation. Take care everyone.128885 This is a drawing I got from the book, I was going to do. So with me expeirimenting, this is...
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    My next hand quilt project

    There will be 2 pictures. The before picture/no border. And the quilt with the borders. This will be a quilt that I will eventually start to hand quilt. Take care everyone. Don-isewman ...
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    From Don-isewman

    I posted a message , but some how the pictures didnt get posted to my 1st message. Can you tell me how to eliminate that message. And somehow my pictures got posted twice. Same ??, how to eliminate...
  9. Dont know what I did, or how to delete this message, I posted earlier

    Here are the quilt pictures.127602



    127606 Take care everyone. Don-isewman
  10. Here is a quilt I finished hand quilting this morning---

    I finished this hand quilted quilt this morning. The pattern is called Georgia peach from a book by Judy Martin, called Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Pattern. I had to call the Missouri Star, cause, I...
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    I NEED HELP(desperate(ha-ha) help

    I'm looking for a web sight, in which to make alphabet letters out of fabric . I'm in the process of makeing quilts for my grdkids. I'm starting out with my 2 grt grdsons-cameron & carson. And...
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    From Don-isewman--2 new quilts

    I think I posted these 2 quilts before they were machine quilted. They are both machine quilted now. The 1st picture is called scraps out of control. I changed the name. The original only used 3...
  13. From Don-isewman--I'm on fire(ha-ha)--Another quilt top done today

    Here is a quilt top, I finished this morning. The quilt top is called Gold Rush. From a book by Judy Martin Around the block again, I cant remember, but sorry. Dont know If I posted a picture of my...
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    From Don-isewman--Newest quilt top

    The 1st picture is of the quilt top, I'm now hand quilting on. Its called Union Square. The 2nd picture is going to by my
    newest hand quilting, when I get thru with the 1st quilt. I'm 90% of...
  15. Heres a quilt, I finished last night--Don-isewman

    Heres a quilt I finished last night. The quilt is called Varsity Block. Its from a book by Judy Martin called Knockout blocks & Sampler Quilts. I had a lady friend give me this wall hanging....
  16. This will be final posting of my version of a quilt, I did

    Here is my version of a quilt, I posted 3-4 days ago. I mentioned I was going to put a 2nd border. I put the 2nd border on the width sides. I needed it a little wider. 110410 The original quilt...
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    Heres a quilt, I completely changed

    The 1st picture is the original quilt pattern. It's from a fons and porter magazine. The pattern is called Space Camp. How someone, came up with that name, I dont know. The pattern only used 3...
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    here are 2 quilts, I picked up

    Here are 2 quilts, I picked up from my long arm lady friend the other day. 1 is called Apron Strings, from a book by Judy Martin-Stellar Quilts. And the 2nd one if from a Fons and Porter magazine,...
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    Finished this quilt this morning

    This quilt is something, I will probably never do again. Everything, you cut, you sewed, you had to sq up. I did more squareing up, on this quilt, than all the yrs, I've been quilting. The pattern is...
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    Here are my 2 great grdson pictures

    Carson Ricky, finally got to come home today. He had to stay at least 4 days longer. He wasnt feeding up to the 100% the hospital wanted him too.100599 This is Carson Ricky Wehmeyer

    100600 ...
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    Finished this quilt this morning-isewman

    Heres a quilt, I finished this morning. Its 78 x 102''. The pattern I got from a magazine of Fons and Porter. The name is called "Old and New". I even have a quilt, I'm going to start on within...
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    Here are the 2 quilts I made

    Here are the 2 quilts, I made for my great twin boys. They are due any time now. Between now and the end of the month. Aiden Todd & Carson Ricky Wehmeyer. I will eventually post a picture of my great...
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    Here are the 2 quilts I made

    Here are the 2 quilts, I made for my great twin boys. They are due any time now. Between now and the end of the month. Aiden Todd & Carson Ricky Wehmeyer. I will eventually post a picture of my great...
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    I NEED HELP- to anyoneDon-isewman

    I want to know what size sq(2-face to face) to cut. I need tons of 3 1/2''--finished 1/2 sq triangles. I'm going to start a quilt, and it takes tons & tons of 1/2 sq triangles( sorry for repeat). I...
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    I have a ???-Don-isewman

    I have more or less seen what I asking for, I think. Is there a clamp that you can roll your quilt into when hand quilting. From keeping it getting on the floor. I called the star quilt co. And was...
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