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    Re: Dorian Check In

    My oldest son is in basic training in Fort Jackson SC. He called me yesterday and said they are safe. So happy they let them all have 5 mins to call home!
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    Re: Backing selvedge question

    Im the odd quilter. I cut a slit in the fabric right beside the salvage and I rip it off. It's straight and I sew the pieces together. I'm not picky about the edges. To me with that much fabric it's...
  3. Re: Has anyone encountered your partner not being okay with gifts?

    Thanks again for all the advise. I think he's not used to giving to others than family. I freely give with my hobby and always have. It's a foreign concept to him. I'm not used to anyone entering my...
  4. Re: Has anyone encountered your partner not being okay with gifts?

    Thanks, I appreciate the responses. I make small projects but no more than a baby quilt for co-workers. I don't invest money, but maybe it is the time, I never thought of it that way. We're...
  5. Has anyone encountered your partner not being okay with gifts?

    Now that the guy I live with understands the cost behind quilting, he doesn't like when I give quilting gifts to co-workers. I see it as I'm not spending money due to I have a huge stash. Has anyone...
  6. Re: Story from a Kansas State Highway Patrol officer 👮

    I agree, funny. Much needed, after recent events. I actually work in El Paso close to where the latest shooting happened. It's so tense here. No one here is blaming the gun, just the crazy guy who...
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    Re: Rise in cotton batting prices

    I have noticed the price of batting. I need a new roll. I bought mine from Joann's in 2012 and paid 100$ now you can't use coupons and they don't offer warm and natural rolls. Now it's 200$, our...
  8. Re: Garment Sewing Advice for a Beginner

    Hi, I was taught garment sewing by a pro and I would tell you most important finish your seams. I've made quite a few items, take the extra time to sit zag edges. For example, curves instead of...
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    Re: Overwhelmed newbie

    Welcome from NM, I've been quilting for 15 years. Always learning. My go to pattern is yellow brick road. I've taught many including my daughter with that pattern. Greetings and good luck
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    Re: Lets Talk Chairs

    I gave my adjustable office chair to my bf and use a metal fusion fold up chair. No issues and I have siatica, it always keeps my back straight. Just what works for me
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    Re: You know it's hot when.......

    Happy birthday 🎂🎈🎉
  12. Re: Beta testers needed for new MSQC Shipping program

    Thanks for your hard work. I've never had a complaint about your shipping and appreciate your daily deals. I lived in Germany for a few years while I was married to a soldier and I always got my...
  13. Re: Programs for those in need... not me. well, maybe not.

    This thread hits home for me. My oldest daughter lives off our state. I get so irritated. I pay for everything, she's capable of working. She's not talking to me anymore because I always tell her she...
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    Re: Binding question

    I haven't seen it mentioned. If you don't clip your corners it makes the corners look funky. You trim the backing and batting on the diagnial..not the binding. When folding either way it should look...
  15. Thread: Muslin

    by Momofmonsters5

    Re: Muslin

    I use Modas often and love it
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    Re: Saturday Morning Hellos! :)

    Good morning. I had a night, we rescued a dog on the 4th that was left at a rest stop. She's wonderfully behaved but woke me up last night to go out a few times. I feel like I have a newborn again...
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    Re: Need a bit of inspiration.

    Mines fabric. I own lots of precuts, I shop those. I have a few I'm ready to use but promised myself I would finish a few first. Then I do a pattern I haven't done. I haven't done a Chevron yet or a...
  18. Re: Night sky pattern, I think I'm in love!

    Jean, beautiful. What size does it make?
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    Re: It's Tuesday.

    These daily posts are great! I work full time for a great company. I get up cook lunch for the family. Make sure the man has his coffee, he works from home selling insurance. I came home today and...
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    Re: Half way to Christmas

    Beautiful, great job! She will love it.
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    Re: question about cutting mats

    I love my Olfa mat. I've had it for years and I use it lots and it's great!
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    Re: Bowl Cozies

    I use craft gemini tutorial, I liked hers the best. She explains the darts.
  23. Re: Coasters - what type of batting do you use?

    I make tons of coasters and mug rugs for my home and family. I use batting scraps, warm and natural. I have never ruined any wood surfaces, they hold great!
  24. Re: Opinion Please....On Current Project

    I like the first one as well.
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    Re: I Need Your Thoughts on This

    I never started that president. I make my kids and my 1 granddaughter things. My oldest doesn't talk to me due to I told her to get a job...I didn't raise kids to live off the state. So I don't get...
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