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    Re: purple, purple, purple

    I really like your outer borders, very clever.
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    Re: update on my bird

    Terry, I'm so sorry. 33 years with a pet is a long time. But still not long enough either. Whether it be a dog, or cat, or a bird, the pain of losing them is so real and so big. Sending you a hug.
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    Re: Seeking HedgeHug quilt pattern

    and Fabric.com seems to have most of the fabric

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    Re: Sometimes we don't know.......

    Amazing how one little bowl cozy can touch so many hearts: The maker, the giver, and the recipient, just to name a few .
    This is why we sew, you never know who will get so much out of what we do.
  5. Re: Beta testers needed for new MSQC Shipping program

    I know that MSQ quilt ALOT of quilts every month, but the point that we here in this forum that have replied are saying is "that is not a perk for us, as we quilt our own quilts".
    That's not to say...
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    Re: Saw This and Thought Maybe...

    "Seamlessly convert your traditional desk into a standing one with the Apex Desk ZT Series 36" Height Adjustable Desk Riser"

    That fits on top of a desk, which would explain the low cost. I would...
  7. Re: Beta testers needed for new MSQC Shipping program

    My guess is that all of us who have long arm quilting machines, or prefer to FMQ with their domestic machines, or those that only hand quilt are gonna say thanks but no thanks.

    Wonder what...
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    Re: What is the bias, exactly?

    "Is against the grain the same thing as bias?"

    And the answer to your last question: the term "against the grain" is seldom used in quilting, but often used when referring to slicing meat LOL. ...
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    Re: Half square triangles formula

    Sew Silly, to avoid bias edges, I use either the two at a time, or the Magic 8 method.

    Which method I choose will depend on how many duplicate HST I want, what size I want them, and if I'm...
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    Re: Shipping Times

    You know I use to think the same thing, then I did an actual price comparison. I went to another supplier that offers a much lower shipping fee, chose 4 random layer cakes, and looked at the bottom...
  11. Re: Programs for those in need... not me. well, maybe not.

    $9.30 out of pocket for you was nothing. What MM (and other military personnel and their families) contributed to have those benefits was so much more than money! Thank you MM.
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    Batting on Sale!

    Connecting Threads has all their batting on sale for 30% off thru 7/22/19

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    Re: Binding question

    I too have a terrible time sewing binding by machine, and now as long as I can, will hand stitch.

    But one thing that seemed to help me when I did machine stitch, was to first sew the binding to...
  14. Re: Donna's Mini Rails Table Runner Tutorial + Kaffe Fassett Quilt Giveaway!

    I have a few jelly rolls that I purchased at Tuesday Mornings, and was disappointed to find that there were actually very few different fabrics in the roll(s) , as there were at least 4 strips of...
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    Poll: Re: Size for baby quilt ??

    Seems we are like minded. I also figure a baby quilt (for a newborn) doesn't need to be very big, even if it's used for tummy time, it's not like they're going to crawl off it any time soon LOL. I...
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    Re: Firecracker Quilt

    I actually like his method better (sorry Jenny), as I don't like my HST's edges to be on the bias.
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    Re: New Posts not working

    On the same line that "new posts" shows you'll also see "Mark Forums Read"

    If you clicked on "Mark Forums Read", then the only new posts you'll see, is after someone posts either a new thread, or...
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    Re: binding star quilt and tool

    That turned out beautiful.

    Curious, did you find using a wood template much different than an acrylic one?
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    Re: Stuck on a Dresden Wreath

    Does your template go to 9 1/2?
    Does the pattern say what size the Dresden will finish at?

    I would position the template to the highest number that will still fit on the charm.

    That will make...
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    Re: Venting, do you think I was out of line

    I agree "Your House, Your Rules".

    I've been to many baby showers where kids are present, and they will expect (and their mothers will expect it too) to be included in the party games and...
  21. Re: EPP - I'm getting ahead of myself, but....

    Shermer - I definitely won't be doing hand quilting for others :)

    I am hoping to find someone who I can pay to do it for me lol.
  22. Re: EPP - I'm getting ahead of myself, but....

    "Two week later my 7 year old daughter used permanent black marker and "restitched" around the complete thing. "

    Oh No! I might have been tempted to put a child up for adoption at that point. But...
  23. Re: EPP - I'm getting ahead of myself, but....

    English Paper Piecing
  24. EPP - I'm getting ahead of myself, but....

    Ok, long story short, I tried EPP several years ago, hated it!

    Watched a bunch more videos and read various posts here and decided this year to try again.

    Now I'm obsessed with it. Working on...
  25. Re: Big Big Mistake on My First Log Cabin Quilt

    "Or tell them it was a deliberate test of their observation skills and they passed."

    LOL - perfect!
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