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  1. Re: Welcome Wednesday, 2 weeks away from Christmas

    Back again, I got low lights with my cut & colour this time. I like it. I dropped by Walmart for a few things and ended up with a cart full. Maybe it's because the store was pretty empty and I could...
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    Re: Hello from Illinois

    Welcome Elizabeth from Canada's capital. I'm certain you will find all the help you might want, or just sit and chat awhile.
  3. Re: Welcome Wednesday, 2 weeks away from Christmas

    Good morning everyone,
    Beautiful sunny but cold day. I don't ever care how cold it is, as long as it's sunny.

    Yesterday, I fixed the quilting I messed up on GS astronaut quilt. I had double...
  4. Re: Table topper Mohawks trail block

    This is beautiful. The pattern and the colours that you used are striking together. Well done.
  5. Re: New 2 1/2" Hexi Template - maybe a methods improvement

    I got my template last week and itching to try it out. I also got the Clover fabric folding pen, which I thought might make the creases crisper.
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    Re: Heads up In Jan 2020

    This is fantastic. I'm in for both. I'm always in to reduce this stash of mine.

    I will take advantage of trying out my new-to-me vintage machine. Yeah.

    Thanks for getting this...
  7. When is last 2019 Block available

    I was just wondering when Issue 6 Vol 6 of 2019 Block will be available. I like to order it with other items.

    Please advise. Thanks.
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    Re: Tuesday hellos

    Good morning all,

    Yesterday was a social day. I had lunch with the VQC ladies. There was 13 of us, many of them are snow birds so they won't be back until spring. It was good. I brought xmas...
  9. Re: This is a really late Monday morning or really early Tuesday post

    Well Nancy, it sounds like you have things under control and all organized for your move. I'm certain there will be bittersweet moments but you will settle in just fine.

    Congrats for the twins -...
  10. Re: Prayers Please for My Grand Daughter

    So sorry to hear about Krista's accident. It sounds like her angel was on duty. I will pray that she makes a full recovery and no lingering health issues.
  11. Re: Monday you arrived so fast!!!

    Good morning all,
    I wish I had a quiet week, but I feel that someone has cranked up the speed on the treadmill to xmas. Yesterday was a bust. I got a manicure and didn't do much of anything else....
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    Re: Craft Fair

    Well I guess you can rest now that these 2 shows are done. It seems to me that your microwave bowls were a hit - which means that you could raise the price slightly. Don't know how much you sell for,...
  13. Re: Kaleidoscope Dreams pieced, Its a wowzer!

    Wowser is right. This is a legacy quilt for sure. Do post your pictures once it is quilted.

    It's been a pleasure to follow as you completed sections of your quilt. Truly amazing. Well done Denise.
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    Re: Not a tree skirt-

    Pretty cool, and very original.
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    Re: Hard Rock World Tour

    Nicely done and I bet you are pleased it's one more thing off your to-do list.
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    Re: Birthday alert **Cathy F**

    Happy birthday Cathy. Enjoy your day and best wishes for the coming year.

  17. Re: How Would You Quilt This Top?

    Congratulations on finishing such a complex quilt pattern. It is stunning.

    I think a light custom quilting would do it justice, especially if someone else is doing it. However, I felt it wasn't...
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    Re: Weird thought

    I think that's a great idea and you'll have a whole year to get them done. No stress.
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    Re: Sunday Morning Hellos! :)

    Good morning all,

    I'm pretty tired from yesterday's travel. We found some upholstery fabric to recover the gliders' seat & back cushions. We did a bit of shopping and got board games for oldest...
  20. Re: Help! Need gift ideas for co-workers -- $10 or less

    Like many others, I don't like candles, scented items, potpourri or perfumes.

    I do like nice teas and baked goods (cookies) from local bakery. Nice tea towels, kitchen gadgets for those that like...
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    Saturday hellos

    Good morning,
    Up early and getting ready to leave to visit friends.

    A GF has a book signing at a local food shop owned by another GF's daughter. So I get to see many of old GFs. It's next door...
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    Re: WIP Dec 7-12, 2019

    Oh I have to add my vote Denise that your quilt is going to be spectacular. What line of fabrics did you use, or was it a combination. I think this would be beautiful using some of my Jason Yenter...
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    Re: California Newbie here!

    Hi and welcome from Canada's Capital. It's a bit colder than California, but we are warm hearted and kindred quilting souls.
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    Re: WIP Nov 29 - Dec 5

    I finished a Victoria Quilt yesterday. Tuesday, I quilted using rulers, sewed on the binding and finished hand sewing yesterday. It is being given to a friend's husband who is battling cancer.

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    Re: Welcome Friday!

    Good morning,
    Light snow is falling and it's pretty. Thankfully we are not expecting the dumps of snow expected elsewhere in our province. No serious plans today, probably more sewing to finish...
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