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    Re: Sunday Morning Greetings! :)

    Happy Sunday! I made a life change on New Years, broke up with my live in bf. He overstepped with my daughter and was trying to control her life, I found out he made her miss a final. She's a junior...
  2. Re: An Invitation to the Fabulous Finishing Group

    I'm in! Now to choose...I have 10 in progress and about 20 that need quilting. I've gotten caught up with selling small items that my quilts have suffered. Although I do own a longarm ill have to...
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    Re: Video game quilt

    There's lots out there. I have a few squares in my I spy packs, I bought super Mario fabric as well. When I'm looking for that kind of novelty I go to equilter.
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    Re: Temperature/weather quilt

    I would be interested, I've always wanted to do a Sun bonnets sue...what a better way to combine the two. I even have a baby Sun bonnet for new years to kick it off...I would love to see how this...
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    Had to share! Great deal!

    My live in bf and I went to the local thrift flea market this morning, he bought me a quilt ladder. I have wanted one for 10 years. Solid wood and looks amazing...$25! What a steal. I'm a happy...
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    Re: QUESTION FOR 2020....

    For 2020 I'd like to see my side business take off. I have a huge stash and have been selling the last half of 2019. Bowl cozies seem to be the hot item. I wish I could sew longer! I have a hip issue...
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    Re: Merry Christmas to all!

    Merry Christmas!!! I hope everyone has a safe holiday!
  8. Re: What is this tool? It appears to be for sewing, not quilting.

    So glad others chimed in. I felt old for a second. I love mine!
  9. Re: Looking for a solid fabric with a little texture

    I love Moda marbles
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    Re: Oven mitts, not my thing!

    Pot holders are great and easy, oven mitts, I feel there's so much more to making them. I should have charged more lol I have three more to do....working on them now. I think the second two will be...
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    Oven mitts, not my thing!

    I'm finishing an order this weekend and it includes oven mitts....I'm not a fan I'm finding out. I just don't like the process ..lol thanks for letting me vent!
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    Re: Saturday Morning Hellos! :)

    Good morning! I'm up early as well. I finally went to the Dr on Thursday for what I thought was sciatica. I have had this since April....I go to work everyday, try to still do normal home life but I...
  13. Re: Cotton quilt top with flannel backing advice

    I mix them all the time and never pre wash. If you're really concerned do a small sample and wash it. I don't heavy heat dry mine either, always medium. Hope that helps!
  14. Re: Problems getting my jelly roll rug to sew right, please advice if you can give some advice

    I would use a walking foot.
  15. Re: Question about fabric used for backgrounds

    I too have a huge collection of precuts....I got gastric bypass and replaced food with daily deals! Daniel, who I live with put a stop to that lol he buys me fabric that I need not everything I...
  16. Question about fabric used for backgrounds

    I wanted to see how others looked at background fabrics. I find that ill see a quilt then look at the pattern and get discouraged when I see the pattern due to the amount of background fabric needed....
  17. Re: Make a "Happy Hearts" Quilt with Jenny Doan

    Love it....I'm going to have to make this one.
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    Re: darts on the microwave bowl cozy

    I make tons of bowl cozies. I've probably made 100 in the last few months. I have 6 to make this weekend. What does your template look like? I can't believe I never thought to do that...
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    Re: Iron recommendations -not Oliso

    I have learned through out the years.....the cheaper the better.
  20. Re: Welcome Wednesday, 2 weeks away from Christmas

    Good morning!! My sciatica reared it's ugly head this am so I'm up at 3am and now it's 5 so drinking coffee. I'll make the man breakfast, then off to work. It'll be busy today, billing screwed up the...
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    Re: Tuesday hellos

    You were in my neck of the woods. I work in el paso and live in Cruces. We have a great quilt shop here. Then AZ has tons more...hope your travels are safe!@
  22. Re: Kaleidoscope Dreams pieced, Its a wowzer!

    It's stunning! Congrats! We quilters truly put our heart in quilts. That's why I love it here...not everyone understands. Love the pattern...
  23. Re: Help! Need gift ideas for co-workers -- $10 or less

    I know you say you don't have time to sew but there's a few things that take no time. I usually crafty gemini tutorials for my craft fair items. The lip balm case takes 10min I do a couple extra...
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    Re: WIP Dec 7-12, 2019

    Looks wonderful!! I have been working on these scrunchies with a zipper to put small things in...yes you can still wear it!
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    Re: Quilt question

    Hulamoon did post the link. I should add I'm only using the layer cake for the ornaments. I have fabric for the background! I have nothing going on this Christmas, I have the time. My kids are...
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