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    Re: "Opinion" top finished

    I couldn't visualize what it would have looked like with more blocks than the one you showed. But wow, it really turned out great. It's got the Irish chain vibe with Fence rail thrown in, two of my...
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    Re: Wednesday hellos!!

    Good morning! During the past few months, I have been working with a group of crafters who living in a senior living facility. The group takes donated fabric and sews various items for passing on...
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    Re: Apple Core Rag Quilt?

    Sounds like an interesting experiment! Go for it! I'd practice those curves first. And you need to take a 1/2" seam allowance to sew the blocks together in order to have enough fabric to clip for...
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    Re: Baby quilt is finished

    I love that! Your quilting is gorgeous!
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    Re: enlarging a pattern

    I let my calculator help me. Find out how much bigger or smaller than the original you want your finished block. Divide one number by the other to get the percentage. Then multiply you measurements...
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    Re: Tshirt Quilt BIG question

    The Interfacing is used to control stretch when you are sewing the shirts together. I would not skip using interfacing, unless you feel that a particular shirt won't stretch. Yes they will be...
  7. Re: Anyone use something besides batting to quilt with?

    I did own a 6600 at one time, but only did stitch in the ditch quilting (using the walking foot feature on the machine, whatever they called it back then!) on it and did not quilt with fleece on...
  8. Re: Janome memory craft horizon 8200QCP

    I had a 8900 and it was low shank with snap on feet. I'm pretty sure the 8200 would be the same.
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    Re: Wedding Quilt & Gifts

    Those are all such lovely gifts! Lots of love going out to the happy couple and their moms!
  10. Re: Anyone use something besides batting to quilt with?

    I made some "Linus" type quilts for my cast of "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" and I wanted to minimize cost. So I used polarfleece for the backing and no batting. I am still getting comments...
  11. Re: It's been a busy couple of weeks!!!

    I sold my house in the country 13 years ago. Just as I got a contract on it, my AC went out, and the refrigerator ice maker sprung a leak ( on the day my husband passed away) and ruined all the...
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    Re: binding star quilt and tool

    Great pattern! I have never seen a binding tool Star Quilt that wasn't gorgeous! Yours is beautiful!
  13. Re: Holy moly it's Wednesday already!!

    Good morning all! Yesterday was a very busy day. I have been volunteering for several months as a teacher for a retirement community's "Thread Head" club they meet regularly, bringing their sewing...
  14. Re: A new interesting gig involving a sewing machine

    Yes! I am getting free tickets! Along with the caveat to bring ear plugs! At age 75, going to my first rock concert!
  15. Re: A new interesting gig involving a sewing machine

    well, my neighbor is a bit quirky, he had the fan from way back when, someone had replaced the original fabric blades and they needed to be redone again. The blades are stretched with a flexible...
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    Re: Birthday Alert **JCY**

    Happy birthday, Joy! Hope you have an awesome day!
  17. Re: A new interesting gig involving a sewing machine

    She can mend, but not do alterations. I must say one of the alterations challenged my skills! (Lowering the armholes on a silk vest!) to make it look as it originally looked. It turned out OK, 95%...
  18. Re: Update on LA Ruined My Perfectly Square Corners

    I have done this (unsquared my corners) while longarming, especially the bottom corners. So I guess it isn't so odd that it happened to your quilt. I love the way you handled the fix, I will do...
  19. A new interesting gig involving a sewing machine

    Last night I got a call from a theatre friend asking for my help as a seamstress. She is managing the production crew in a large outdoor concert venue in STL that hosts mostly rock concerts during...
  20. Re: Suggestions for 2nd Machine for Quilting

    I totally agree with Denise on this. I have the equivalent of the Janome 1600p ( mine is badged Singer S16--no longer sold). Baby Lock has a straight stitch machine that Jenny uses in some of her...
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    Re: Need a bit of inspiration.

    Fabrics are usually my inspiration. And I make quilts with no one in mind just because I am inspired by fabrics. Oh, maybe someone will want a quilt for a baby or birthday, and I will sell one or...
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    Re: It's Thursday and July 4th

    Good morning! Bright and sunny here today, with promises of heat and possible storms later. Yesterday it rained for about 30 minutes all while the sun was shining! Made for a fine rainbow!

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    Re: It's Wednesday and I am late

    It's late afternoon, but I'm just dropping in. I was working on my inventory for my quilt show in September, which will be in our community center theatre lobby for a month. I have lots of tops...
  24. Re: FREE Pattern - Easy Pieced Table Runner Series - August

    I like this block in the runner! Gives me all kinds of ideas for adaptations!
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    Re: Update On Jeff

    So glad to get the update that all went well. Rest easy, Jeff!
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