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  1. Re: Are quilt stores becoming a thing of the past thanks to the internet?

    If that were true, why would MSQC have any shops to visit???

    My LQS is very nice, nice fabrics, helpful, everything. But I will stop in on a whim and find they're not open. They order too much...
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    Re: Beeswax vs. Thread Heaven

    Do you follow the thread heaven instructions to run it between your fingers after coating? I didn't see any reason to use it until I read the instructions, now I love it. But I haven't tried it on...
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    Re: Finishing question

    Woohoo for jumping straight in and making your first quilt!

    Just buy a generic walking foot off amazon, ~$10. All low shank feet fit all brands. Only things like Bernina or vintage machines will...
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    Re: Olfa vs. Fiskars

    Is your mat old? It can wear on the blades. Since I got my new Clover mat I've been wondering when I'll have to change my blade, it just doesn't wear out.

    Get the Olfa, it's a great handle....
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    Re: Sewing Machine Advice

    That's a great idea! She could have it today. It can always be an extra machine to take to classes. I'm partial to the Singer Heavy Duty (with a few stretch stitches for garment repairs). It's metal,...
  6. Re: MSQC mistake(?) causing me a dilemma - What do I do????

    On the bright side, there is more fabric and more quilting in our futures! Whatever you decide, I hope you let this quilt be part of the adventure and not a source of disappointment.

    Maybe you...
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    Re: Stitch length question

    If I know I'm going to mess up and have to rip, I go over 2.0 but I really like a tighter seam. I think I've gone up to 2.5 when I'm testing and probably ripping.

    My general rule: if I can't rip...
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    Re: How many Points Do You Save?

    I often use them to make 'free' shipping on a Daily Deal. I always think I'd like to save it up, but then it's just sitting there, and what if I stop buying fabric and never use it?
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    Re: Singer Sonata 6606 series

    I don't know that model. There is probably a vintage sewing machine group on Facebook, that'd be a good start.

    In my opinion, any machine you like to use is worth refurbishing. #1 find out how...
  10. Re: Do you mix charm packs together to get color wanted?

    I can't remember who I heard say this, it could've been in a video from Jen Kingwell - if a few colors don't match, keep adding more because there comes a point when you get so many they just all go...
  11. Thread: My stash!

    by stitchwishes

    Re: My stash!

    Where did fabric guilt emerge from? I mean, it's not like we overbuy - it reproduces on its own! Close the cupboard, open it a month later, and voila! New stash!

    You know, I was watching an old M*...
  12. Re: If I could have anything, I wish I had....

    Well there's my wish! That whole line of Singer fabric, one bolt of each. I just got a half yard of a couple of them to make a cover for my Featherweight, and they are so cute!

    I've got my mom's...
  13. Re: Klutz glove and 1st major quilting injury

    Colors! Darn, I have to go shopping again LOL! So much for being frugal! Mine is gray with green overlocked edge.
  14. Re: Klutz glove and 1st major quilting injury

    Kevlar chefs gloves, about $7 a pair on an Amazon deal. Cheaper than bandaids even for a slight nick! Yes you can cut through the glove if you're pressing hard and running fast, but it will make any...
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    Re: Guess what!!

    Congratulations to you both! And to your mom, I remember an old video where she mentioned trying to marry you off, haha! And how wonderful that the first thing you said about your fiancé here is how...
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    Re: Melted my heart!

    She may or may not lose interest however you approach it, but what she certainly will never lose is the memories. She might find an interest in it later, in her teens, or even as a middle aged woman....
  17. Re: Ready to take the next step....hand quilting

    Very nice! I'm just trying a little bit again, on a small table runner I'm making as a gift. There is a hand quilting group on Facebook, you might get a lot of help there with your frame.

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    Re: shipping problems

    These other online stores that are so wonderful? They are all just LQSs with a web store, none of them are doing the volume (and increasing exponentially) of MSQC. It's now like comparing Amazon to...
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    Re: Difference between solids?

    All whites have some transparency, which is why quilters so often press to the dark side so the other fabric doesn't show through the seam. The nature of the beast, if you will, quilting cotton is...
  20. Re: Has anyone else literally sewn themselves to their sewing machine? I managed that today. LOL

    Hah, no, and that's precisely why I'm not sewing today because today's the day I'd do it for sure! My dad sewed right through his thumb when I was, well wait, I might not even been born yet, but I...
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    Re: Favorite Part of Quilting

    I just love unfurling new fabric or opening precuts and laying it all out and playing with color and patterns.

    I'm obsessed with experimenting with binding right now, I guess it's currently my...
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    Re: 1930's quilt opinion

    Maybe a 30s color with tiny polka dots? Whatever you choose, it's turned out so beautifully anything will look great!
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    Re: 30's Repro in the Weekly Specials

    That one is so pretty, I'm having a hard time too. I don't need fabric.
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    Re: Moda Blue Barn Fabric?

    I'd be tempted to go with an Essex Linen for texture and richness. Camel would be nice, or even maybe Sand or Metallic Sand.
  25. Thread: waiting

    by stitchwishes

    Re: waiting

    It would say backorder if they find they're out of it. I read somewhere that they're in the process of getting more bolts so they aren't having to run to their shops and waiting for it to get cut,...
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