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    Re: Search engine unreliable

    I think they are talking about the search feature on the shop page.
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    Re: wait till you see this....

    That is an amazing quilt and story.
    I didn't see any vintage machine on any of the stories.
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    Re: Disappointed

    I'm not sure what page you saw that on. I have looked and can't find that statement anywhere. Not saying you didn't see it, I just can't find it
  4. Re: Need help in finding this pattern and fabric! Thx

    https://lellaboutique.blogspot.com/2014/12/christmas-soiree.html Amy Ellis
    Soire is the pattern
    Here is the digital pattern ...
  5. Re: Please Help Me Find Pattern Sheet Le Bouquet Quilt Kit

    Sorry, my bad. I missed the geese part of the pattern. I was looking at the strips and notices they just needed to be flipped to get the effect.
  6. Re: Please Help Me Find Pattern Sheet Le Bouquet Quilt Kit

    flip it once and you will see it. Then she just has to make a few extra blocks to go in the middle. I'm pretty sure it is the same.
  7. Re: Please Help Me Find Pattern Sheet Le Bouquet Quilt Kit

    It is a free download so it doesn't hurt to download and take a peek. Maybe sketch it out on graph paper to the colors of the fabric you have
  8. Re: Please Help Me Find Pattern Sheet Le Bouquet Quilt Kit

    The one posted from Bear Creek quilting is the same pattern. Flip it once to the right and you can see that is it. You just need to make a few more blocks to replace the center panel. The colors...
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    Re: A Fantastic Craft Show

    Ok, I was wondering if it was the same one I had gone to. I went to one in OFallon Illinois
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    Re: A Fantastic Craft Show

    Where was this craft fair? Glad you did well
  11. Re: How do you presssesms openwithout burning your fingers?

    I made a strip stick from 2 pieces of quarter round. I made a casing with batting and an old silver ironing board cover. It gave me a little more top surface than a dowel rod.
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    Re: How many layer cakes...

    I found this tutorial using a layer cake and some yardage. This quilt measures 75x90. Maybe you can use this as a guideline. ...
  13. Re: Have you made a Bonza! and/or Motherlode bag (from SewLikeARockstar)?

    I see you are a member at sew much nicer. Maybe your question would be better answered there.
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    Re: Quilt Pattern

    It is two different pieces. One is a table runner and one is a table topper.
  15. Re: Have you made a Bonza! and/or Motherlode bag (from SewLikeARockstar)?

    Auntiemern is correct. The "puppet" designer calls anyone associated with Sally "one of her puppets" I am proud to say that I am one of those "puppets" That being said, I haven't made the...
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    Re: That was fast!

    Nice of you all to commend them for the fast service. Too many times we forget to do that. I'm on a fabric fast so I haven't ordered for a while. I need to use up what I have here~
  17. Re: Make a "Wandering Star" Quilt with Jenny Doan

    I like that fabric. Reminds me of some 50s fabric.
  18. Thread: Strings?!@

    by sydneybean

    Re: Strings?!@

    Bonnie Hunter has a lot of books out on it. String Frenzy I believe is the title of one of the book.
  19. Thread: 2020.....

    by sydneybean

    Re: 2020.....

    I'm in a group on fb that the admin/owner went to the retreat for the first time. She loved it and post a lot of pictures! Looks like a great time was had by all.
  20. Re: How To Make A "Trip Around The World" Quilt the EASY WAY!

    Which one do you think is easier? I wasn't sure which you meant
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    Re: Help me re-create this log cabin

    That is the way I see it when I enlarged the photo. It would be a lot easier to do it this way than making hst.
  22. Re: Need help - how to fix warped cutting mat? (and a warning!)

    I really have not heard too many good things about that little iron. Almost everyone in a group I belong to has returned that iron because it get so hot. Even the handle. Someone said there...
  23. Re: How to Make a Quilt Sandwich Using Pool Noodles

    I found this on quilters cache. https://www.quilterscache.com/L/LacedStarBlock.html
  24. Re: Which Block Magazine is Antique Lace Quilt pattern in?

    Here is the link for the pinned post. It is under how tos and tutorials https://forum.missouriquiltco.com/showthread.php?t=29582
  25. Thread: Hunter star

    by sydneybean

    Re: Hunter star

    I think there is always going to be a half star along the edge. Unless you piece a half of one into the border
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