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    Re: doctor report....

    Hoping things improve from here, Bubba.
  2. Re: Glorious Color with Kaffe Fassett

    Wow. You are braver than I am! And it came out beautifully!
  3. Re: Has anyone else literally sewn themselves to their sewing machine? I managed that today. LOL

    Yup, sewed straight through my thumb, including the nail, on my vintage Singer. I thought it would be agonizing afterwards, but it really wasn't -- it healed up so easily -- I guess those Singers...
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    Re: Knitters out there?

    I am an enthusiastic knitter. I own only one set of square needles but I do like them and would love some more. I don't know that they are easier on my hands, but I can totally believe that some...
  5. Re: WIP - 2/16/17 - Plays well with others - except ...

    That is a beauty, Denise.
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    Re: Did something stupid

    I finally started using a password manager and oh boy are things so much better. The only trick is remembering the password for the password manager :)
  7. Re: Scrap collecting advice needed

    A quilting friend who doesn't like scrappy quilts is a good friend for you! And like Lourixe says, you can mix in scraps from clothing & thrift store finds. When I first started quilting I admired...
  8. Re: Essex Linen by Robert Kaufman:

    I haven't had problems with it, and I love the look. Yes, it frays, but not so much that it needs special treatment.
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    Re: Featherweight

    I paid $200 for mine on eBay but it was not in good condition and needed work -- nothing I couldn't handle myself, though. Now it is a little darling and doing everything it should.

    The cases do...
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    Re: Is Cooking Hard to learn?

    Sharyn, has she asked for your help? If she has, then there are some good ideas in this thread. But if she hasn't, as an experienced adult daughter myself, I'd say let your daughter do her own thing...
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    Re: Facebook frustrations

    It's wise to assume that all the information you put on the web -- via any means, Facebook, email or whatever -- is not secure. People can take screenshots and publish them; they can forward an...
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    Re: Color opinion

    I find the contrast with white too much with KF -- I did one, and it just isn't my favorite quilt. If I was doing it again, I would go with grey!
  13. Re: Gee's Bend Quilts - In My Workplace

    Oh wow. I would love to see them in person. They are incredible pieces of folk art. I love what those quilters did with limited resources and a lot of imagination. I have been tempted to make a Gee's...
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    Re: Another cool sewing hack

    If only she had a great idea for making a sweater that is too small into another useful garment!
  15. Re: Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt

    Totally gorgeous.
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    Re: SYLVIA H has a birthday today

    Sylvia! Hope you have/had a great day!
  17. Re: My brother Tommy, my brother Andrew, and now my DH

    Oh Cyndi. Life is relentless sometimes. Hugs.
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    Re: Bowed out strip sets

    The first step is to make sure your strips are cut on the grain. If not, they will have elbows, no matter what you do when sewing. For sewing, sew the strips in sets of two, then sew the pairs...
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    Re: crappiest friday ever.......

    Bubba, those doctor's visits can be like the dementors in Harry Potter -- they suck all the hope out of you. In times like that -- and believe me, I've had them, and worse -- I tell myself to just...
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    Re: home and resting.....

    Good luck, Bubba.
  21. Re: Any Knutters or Cricheters out there?

    Yup, I'm a knitter, and a nutter :) I knit socks, sweaters, hats, gloves, even kitchen towels. I draw the line at Swiffer cloths, though, although you will find a pattern for those on Ravelry!
  22. Re: What to do with tiny scrap bits

    Check out the blog Crazy Mom Quilts. She uses tiny scraps. I love her work, but for my own scraps I use the Bonnie Hunter scrap-users system -- see her blog for how to! The tiny scraps just aren't...
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    Re: Be careful of your pickles

    With Midge on this! When my MIL was still living alone, I used to go through her fridge every visit. I swear she would fish things back out of the trash when I wasn't looking, and I'd find them in...
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    Re: Vintage sergers?

    Yeah, I've heard the threading can be a bear. One reason I want to know what people like!
    I'll definitely check out the Bernina dealer. The Babylock dealer's only used machine is one of their...
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    Vintage sergers?

    I'm looking for an entry level serger. One idea that came up was to look for a solid vintage machine -- the workhorse type -- to get a better serger in a limited budget. But now I'm overwhelmed by...
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