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  1. Re: Make a "Diamond Chain" Quilt with Jenny Doan

    Thanks again for posting! I am making this pattern as a Christmas gift for my oldest son. I looked to see if Jenny had posted this tutorial before I started. Now that I have it underway, here it...
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    Re: Jewel Box Stars Flambe

    Such a happy quilt! Beautiful job too:)
  3. Re: Pastel Three Dudes Scalloped Table Runner

    How pretty! I really like how cheery your table runner is. The scalloped border really sets it off nicely too.
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    Re: Patriotic Star Table Runner

    Ohhhh….I love this one. This topper would be perfect for my round kitchen table:) Thanks for posting! LOL...I clicked on the second link. However, both links cover both my round and oblong table:) :)
  5. Re: How to Tuck Fold a Quilt for gift giving

    Very nice! I'm always having trouble folding a quilt nicely too. Thank you for sharing:)
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    Re: teaching a child to sew

    Thank you for the advice Sharon. There are times when I want to freeze time when she is sewing. I remember one Christmas break when I taught all my young sons to cross stitch. That was fun! They...
  7. Re: Great-Grandbaby Quilt for my Beloved Cousin's First BGGS

    Thank you everyone! I usually use brighter colors for babies yet I really liked this fabric line and when the fabric arrived, I thought the colors might be too soft. However, when I got the blocks...
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    Re: Baby Jump Rings

    Your quilt turned out great! It is so cheery. It will make someone so happy to receive it for their very own.
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    Re: teaching a child to sew

    I agree. My DGD made one project on that first machine, but then her confidence soared when she realized she could actually sew like grammie and not merely pretend to sew.
  10. Great-Grandbaby Quilt for my Beloved Cousin's First BGGS

    I made this little baby quilt for my cousin's first great-grandchild. He came in the world on May 11. Naturally a first great-grandchild deserves his own quilt. The new parents love it! I love D9P...
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    Re: teaching a child to sew

    My DGD's mother got her a hand-crank machine and DGD used it for one project. Her mother's brother then got her a New Home/Janome Derby that is actually pretty good. He bought is so she could keep it...
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    Re: - Written patterns or not

    I generally cut enough to get started and build my blocks from those pieces. Then I have a "Oh crap" moment when I have to stop sewing and go cut some more, but how much cutting can a body really...
  13. Re: Make a "Geese in Motion" Quilt with Jenny Doan

    This one spoke to me. It said "Stash Buster"!! Another thing I like about it is that it is Accuquilt friendly and I am always on the lookout for those. So this one has been added to my always...
  14. Thread: Fudge it

    by ncgrammie

    Re: Fudge it

    There is a saying I learned from my fiance, "Beat it to fit. Paint it to match." That works for me a lot because I am more impatient than perfectionist. I will rip the seam out once and occasionally...
  15. Thread: Practice

    by ncgrammie

    Re: Practice

    Wow Anika! How beautiful!! You really rocked your free-motion practice session!!
  16. Re: Introducing the ADJUSTABLE SIZE Jelly Roll Race Quilt Pattern!

    I like this one too. It's still on my list of quilts to make. That list is pages long now!
  17. Re: Anyone else get the email from MSQ today?

    Bummer. I didn't get the email and didn't see this post until a few moments ago. I'm not sure why emails stopped coming. I even signed up again when they stopped and again the other day, but still...
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    Re: Another one finished

    Beautiful job Shirley. I have an American eagle panel that I am afraid to use because I don't want to kill it. You did great.

    BTW...I LOVE your quote. Isn't it the truth???
  19. Re: Rain Rain Go Away Sewing Scrappy Baby Quilt

    Love it!! So different and absolutely charming.
  20. Thread: First Quilt

    by ncgrammie

    Re: First Quilt

    You did a great job on your beautiful quilt. You had a beautiful start. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
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    Re: My Birthday went by...

    Now that's a thing of beauty to enjoy! I want one too, but my Oliso is still going strong. Happy Birthday!
  22. Re: Friday Trivia: Denali National Park 🏞

    Fascinating. I think I remember knowing some of this at one time. I need to research it for fun. Thanks for sharing:)
  23. Re: Make a "Spring Twist" Quilt with Jenny Doan

    Thanks Anika! I always look forward to your "heads up" posts. I'm going to have to make this one soon. Maybe even for me to keep. It's just too sweet.
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    Re: Found UFO / table runner

    That was a lucky find. You did a lovely job on your beautiful table runner. It was honorable of you to give more than asking for your purchase. Very impressive.
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    Re: Quiz for Quilters from F&P 2004

    That was a lot of fun and laughs. Thanks for posting:)
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