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  1. Re: I Disliked Joining Strips - I Started Using QR's Mini-Triangle Ruler

    The binding tool is another template that'll cut off that dog-ear and make it easy to line up strips. Of course, if you have triangles, no need to buy yet another template. :)
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    Re: Temperature/weather quilt

    It's almost January. Looking forward to starting the quilt and seeing what kind of weather 2020 brings! Bumping this thread in case there are other people who might be interested in joining the fun...
  3. Faster square in a triangle HST blocks - Just get it done quilts video

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    New Checkout Screen

    Feedback on the new checkout screen: I couldn't figure out how to add a new card. For some reason there are a bajillion copies of one of my cards, and no option to choose any other method of...
  5. Re: Do you ever offer panels in your Daily Deals?

    Correct me if I'm misinterpreting, but I think the sentiment is that since MSQC focuses so heavily on precuts, there isn't as much support for panels. I think Jenny has done just one or two...
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    Re: Raw edge applique

    It shouldn't matter if it's not on the grain, especially not for raw edge applique. :)
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    Re: Temperature/weather quilt

    I made a group for doing temperature quilts in 2020, since several people seemed interested. :)
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    Re: Backing question

    Yup. It's better if you sew strips to the top and bottom rather than the sides. The extra inches are so that there's enough fabric to attach to the quilting frame. :)
  9. Re: How do you presssesms openwithout burning your fingers?

    Another vote for the strip stick here!
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    Temperature/weather quilt

    After watching all the weird temperature/weather swings this year, I'm tempted to do a temperature quilt. I was thinking of combining high/low temps into each block and maybe making the type of...
  11. Re: A question about choosing quilt colors (from and old book)

    There was a time when green dyes were arsenic based, and these were later replaced with less colorfast green dyes, and later by modern dyes. I have not heard anything about modern greens being less...
  12. Re: Have you made a Bonza! and/or Motherlode bag (from SewLikeARockstar)?

    I made the Puppet Mother bag, which is very similar to the Motherlode bag. It's basically a bigger Bionic Gear Bag - same techniques and everything.
  13. Re: Please help me decide thread color for quilting...help

  14. Re: Sending Out a Quilt Top to be Finished or DIY?

    I started off hand-tying quilts, then graduated to FMQ when Angela Walters did her first FMQ-along. Now, I'm renting time on a longarm at a local quilt shop and looking at getting my own longarm...

    Just Get It Done quilts put up some tips for doing quilt-alongs.

  16. Re: Uber or other transportation from Cameron to KC airport

    I have ridden with Rhetta before and would recommend her.
  17. Re: Can I make Jenny's Windmill block with fat quarters?

    Do be aware that the pattern is slightly off for that particular block. They taught the pattern at the retreat one year, and gave out the corrections. Unfortunately, I do not remember what those...
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    Re: Question for longarmers

    That seems like a reasonable solution to me. I would sew the extra strips in the same direction as your main backing seam. Make sure you have enough of your backing to not require side-seams. ...
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    Re: What is taboo

    Metallics are fine to use. I will caution that metallic ink wears off the fabric over time, so if you plan to make something that will be washed often, you may not want to use a lot of metallic...
  20. Re: Missouri* tote pattern - sturdy and simple for Sashiko

    ShabbyFabrics has a nice 3 (or was it 4?) FQ tote bag tutorial. I've made it several times and it goes together rather quickly.

  21. Re: Need help - how to fix warped cutting mat? (and a warning!)

    My mom warped her cutting mat by using an iron on top of it (with a pressing mat)... she wound up just having to buy a new cutting mat.
  22. Re: Shipping a quilt internationally question

    That is good to know. Unfortuantely, I don't know of any adult-sized quilt that you can make for under $45 worth of fabric! Even clearance fabric is more expensive than that! Still, my friend...
  23. Re: Handi-Quilter Long Arm Retreat in the Summer?

    You could also contact Cindy at MSQC since she runs the retreats.
  24. Shipping a quilt internationally question

    I am debating making and sending a quilt as a gift to a friend in Canada. Unfortunately, she is having serious financial difficulties, and if I send her anything that gets custom fees added to it,...
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    Re: Where's my I Don't Want It group?

    I suppose someone could always start a new one.
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