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    Room Colors/Themes

    Last year, and possibly the year before too, we had a questionnaire about room colors or themes. I think it would be very helpful when deciding on colors, etc. when making a gift for a specific room. Would that be something that we could do again this year?

    If so, here is my list:

    Kitchen - red and soft yellow/ themes vary with the seasons really but I do have a number of apple themed items from my teaching years
    Dining room - blue and white
    Living room - blues and neutrals
    Bedroom - Carribean blue and light tan
    Bathroom - Grey and white and navy blue with a "beachy" theme
    Sewing room - light green and white


    Ginny B

    I think we did add it to one of the lists we started this year. I'll go ahead and put it on the getting to know you list for next year. For now, here's a list to copy and paste.

    Kitchen -
    Dining room -
    Living room -
    Bedroom -
    Bathroom -
    Sewing room -
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      Kitchen - Great room concept... all the walls are gray, the kitchen cabinets are white, and I have a poppy wall hanging on the door to the garage. Pop color in there is red and the small appliances are red.

      Dining room - Gray and three different kinds of wood furniture. All of the family pictures, a couple of cross stitch poems that were written by my great grandparents, and a water color of several NC lighthouses.

      Living room - Still gray, sofa is cream with a soft blue mottled fabric, curtains are white, gray and a tealish blue leaf pattern. We have 4 oils paintings that Howard's grandfather painted of the landscapes around their farm in FL.

      Bedroom - pale blue- two photographs of the beach, and two water colors of the beach. Don't know if the quilt ladders will ever be finished, they'd be white and one more oil painting Howard's grandfather painted.

      Bathroom - gray with a pale blue undertone, I have some bright colored art on the walls (purples, pinks, blues, oranges) that use to pick towel colors.

      Sewing room - light blue and white

      Kids room- yellow, the sofa is red and chairs are black. Book cases are white filled with the 'home school' stuff. Not sure what to do with that yet.
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Here is my list.

        Kitchen - walls are a pale yellow, floor is blue tile and carpet
        Dining room - dark furniture pale walls
        Living room - dark furniture, antique's all over the place
        Bedroom - no set colour there
        Bathroom - black and white walls
        Sewing room - blue walls and carpet

        I must tell you that each table runner I have received as a gift is being used, even the Christmas ones, lol. We may need a few more.
        Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


          My decor is very neutral throughout - cream walls, taupe carpet. Wood furniture in dining and lounge rooms. Bedroom furniture is rosewood colour. I will absolutely love and use anything I receive . Like Monique can always do with more table runners...... Love country look.


            Sorry -- I just realized this posting was for Secret Santa group... How foolish of me..

            Some of the decor was already done for us, as this was a model home. Unfortunately it is the one colour I do not care for -- shades of deep yellow/golds. Now the reason was the house style is like TexMex. The floors on the main floor from front hall entrance to rear of house is a glazed terra cotta tile set on point. While I didnt care for it originally, it has grown on me. So easy to clearn.

            The living room / dining room -- cathedral ceiling to open loft (which we use as office) and hallway is done in deep yellow smooched style. There are murals at the entrance and landing on stairs and upstairs. This we did not change as it is very becoming.

            The kitchen / hallway / laundry room / powder room and sunroom are all done in a creamy cafe au lait. (rich coffee colour).
            Library and master bedroom -- light green, which goes well with any colour quilt that I put on the bed. We removed the carpets and installed bamboo floors.
            Bathrooms - are a cross between beige & gray.
            Upstairs bedroom - is a sky blue with white furniture. Previously used as kids playroom, just recently reverted it to a guest room (or PJ's napping room). No carpets upstairs, also bamboo floor.
            Basement - sewing rooms and train room are done in boring beige. We just wanted them painted neutral before we moved in. The family room and bathroom are done in a combo gray/beige tone, depends on the light. FlooIring is large ceramic tile, and flat carpet in bedrooms.

            Outside of house is taupe coloured brick with a forest green roof. Since it has 2 gables, I could call myself SuzANNE of Green Gables. haha

            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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              No worries, SuzANNE! Your house sounds lovely.

            Soooooooo sorry this is such a late response!

            Kitchen - Red/Black/Grey sort of modern farmhouse-ish
            Dining room - Dusty sage green/black/grey
            Living room - Same as DR
            Bedroom - Bright yellow, sunshiny walls, curtains, bedspread; ebony furniture
            Bathroom -Grey/White
            Sewing room - Spring green & white


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