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    2 Questionaires question...

    The questionaire Carlie has developed contains your personal information to help pair up the Secret Santas. I really feel weird about putting peoples personal information out for everyone to see.

    What if we do a second questionaire for information you'd like to know from your Secret Santa? We have some time to formulate questions, like favorite colors, kitchen colors, favorite candy, etc.

    We could have it in a PM form and I can forward to whoever your Santa is when I get it.

    Any other options or suggestions?
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    A second questionnaire that doesn't include personal information is a great idea. It would certainly help with our creations.


      We did one last year - in a discussion thread. I referred back to it a couple of times after I had my SS name
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        If I recall correctly from last year, the personal information one that had the addresses etc was one that Carlie kept for herself to contact people and match up people. She was the only one who had our personal information unless we posted it on our own private page. I do think that the discussion thread was great to help us personalize the gifts of our Secret Santa and was very useful.


          Yes, I think the one with our mailing address etc, was kept by Carlie and we all answered various questions about likes/dislikes in a forum post. We had several last year as people thought about more things they'd like to know for personalization. I think the additional threads helped keep discussions active.


          Secret Santa 2020

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          Secret Santa 2020

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          We had a lot of fun with the Secret Santa 2020 group last year. A lot of happy people received beautiful handmade gifts from their Secret Santa's. Each person made and received 12 gifts at Christmas that were made throughout the year, one a month based on a given theme. We learned new things, challenged our skills in a non-stressful way and got "down and dirty" creative. Plus at the end of the year we get 12 great gifts for Christmas!

          This group is a commitment as you are signing on to create 12 gifts during the year. They can be smaller projects so any challenge is not overly difficult. Choose whatever difficulty you are comfortable with. You may also, twice a year, swap out the named theme for one of your own choosing. You may also purchase rather than hand make 3 items during the year.

          If you would like to join please "subscribe", "join". Read the Rules in the discussion section and sign. You will rec
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