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    I'm running out of..........................

    I've been thinking about how fast the second half of our Secret Santa year goes and it just has a way of creeping up on us!

    I want to remind everyone that we CAN decide not to make a few things and instead purchase something. We also have the option of replacing something with a thought or theme of our own!

    Feel stressed that you are getting too far behind? It's time to think...."purchase".

    I know somewhere we listed things we feel we need for our sewing room that we often need to purchase and replace for ourselves. I think perhaps since it's coming to the end of the year it's time to reassess what we originally listed for that. Anything new you would like to list? Lost your scissors? Know you'll be needing more needles? Fabric press? Stabilizers? You name it and list it here :-) Maybe your Secret Santa will see it here and it will relieve some stress that she is building up :-)
    Women are Angels. When someone break's our wings we will continue to fly-usually on a broomstick.We're flexible like that.

    I'll start:

    I can always use extras of:
    M&M (plain)
    small scissors for snipping threads,
    tape measurer
    straight pins
    small jars for organizing & displaying buttons and other neat little things (I like variety of shapes/sizes/colors, so anything goes!)
    M&M Peanuts
    pin cushion (especially the kind that clamps onto your wrist)
    swifter duster cloths (seems I go thru a box of those every week LOL)
    purse size lint roller - for on the go sewing, (or those moments in the car when I discover all the little threads adorning my clothes)
    And did I mention...M&M's???


      Good ideas Caroline!

      Straight pins

      Seam rippers, Lord help they roll off and it takes forever to find them again

      Small snipping scissors, they run off with the seam ripper,

      Lint roller, I'm down to my last one

      Needle threader

      Sugar free Eclipse gum

      I'd put Bulls Eye Caramel with the powder sugar centers. But I tend to eat too many!
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        I lost my regular scissors a while ago and haven't replaced them yet. I think they got knocked off the desk and now reside in a garbage dump somewhere. Some of my small snip scissors have started getting dull so that needs replacing probably next year.

        I'm always running out of embroidery needles! I usually use the new ones for embroidery and then shift them over to my regular sewing machine cause they still can be useful for a while.

        I have to replace my Martelli 60 mm rotary blades about every 3 or 4 months.... sometimes longer :-). I do that about three times a year and wait for one of their sales.

        Omni thread in white, light gold or light silver gets replaced a few times a year too.

        Stablizer sheets for the 4x4 embroidery designs. When I go on my occasional embroidery kicks I tend to run out at the most inopportune times !

        They are the things that continually need to be replaced throughout the year I think
        Women are Angels. When someone break's our wings we will continue to fly-usually on a broomstick.We're flexible like that.


          I'm pretty boring...machine needles, thin glass-head pins, Olfa rotary blades and I always need thread. I usually use a neutral for piecing and various shades of gray for quilting. Cotton or poly is fine and none of my machines are finicky about brands. Easy-peasy.

          to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


            Sewing machine needles, 45 & 60 mm rotary blades, Aurifil thread in any color. I love notions so anything would be great. I've been on a freeze from buying anything for myself.
            My Pinterest Page of the Quilts I've Made:


              I can always use sewing machine needles and pins. I use the flower head pins because I like the length but after a while, the heads break off and they need to be replaced.
              Ginny B



                I can always use more flat head pins, 45mm rotary blades, microtex needles and neutral thread (Aurafil is what I usually use).


                  Not a lot is needed at this point, but I can always use sewing machine needles, thin, thin glass head pins (like Clover), unusual notions, 45 mm rotary blades, neutral thread (I use Aurifill)



                    Like I’m seeing in the previous posts, machine needles, 45 mm rotary blades and neutral thread. (Not too fussy on thread kind) OMG,I almost forgot - - - - Snickers!!! That’s my energy food!!! ��������



                      Water soluble/washabke markers - my favorites are the pencils. I have white & silver that work for most everything. But the wear down fairly quickly. My purple marker is on its last legs, lol

                      "Wonder" clips - I have lots of the generic ones, and I love them. I find that I use them for all sorts of things, not just to hold the fabric for seeming. I have all the pieces for individual blocks held with one - makes it so much easier to chain piece complicated blocks


                        I can always use more Janome needles for my machines, 45mm blades, Gutermann cotton thread, Bottomline thread for bobbins, or anything else fun for quilting.


                          Aurifil thread, I use Martelli rotary cutter blades and can always use those.


                            Pipe cleaners as it it what I use to help clean my machine which has been getting a workout lately. And the children have been giving the other one a workout as well.

                            Also Sue Daley glue pen refill, lint roller, Seam-Fix Seam Ripper and chocolate.


                              I have been in search of small scissors for snipping threads. Always can use seam rippers. Anything sewing related really or turtles LOL ��.


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