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    Table Runners

    What is a good length or width for most Table Runners?

    My table has two big removable leaves. Most of the time right now, I keep one of those leaves in full time and store the second one. This means my table is 3.5 feet wide and 6 feet long right now. The leaves are each 18 inches wide. For myself with this table I would not want a runner longer than 7 feet or wider than 1.5 feet. This makes it usable in all possible configurations for my table.

    Other tables Are different and we all have preferences for sizing of table runners. So what are your preferences?

    I have made a variety of lengths depending upon the pattern. As far as a table runner itself, there are so many other places that I have seen them used to decorate with. Some places include the buffet, kitchen island, china hutch, top of the piano, bar/serving table, even on the back of the couch.


      I use runners all over the place, on the cabinet my dad had made that's over 9' long, on the radio cabinet my Grandfather made, more of a topper size on Grandma's tea cart she made in college, and on the spare table we bought for when company comes over.
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        I have a smallish table and my buffet is also small so I prefer 3' or there abouts. Does anyone use dresser scarves anymore? Or doilys? They are sure handy when someone knocks on the door unexpectedly and you haven't dusted yet. A quick swirl with the doily and it looks better.


          Laura, while I haven't been using doilys I do have some smaller runners, more like placemat size that I use as "centerpieces". They do get that doily swirl on occasion :-) I remember my grandmother having tons of doily's, god they were on EVERYTHING! She had also done crochet and tatting herself so I'm sure a lot were of her own making.

          Re table runners I have all sizes and widths from placemat size to quite long and wide.

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            I have a book by Pat Sloan and she has a table cloth and runner that has a main piece, and extra pieces that can be buttoned on the ends when you put in the leaves into your table.

            My table has a sliding top and the extra length slides out from under. I never have to wonder where that leaf got off to!
            I'm good with any length as I can add extra things on the ends if I have the table fully extended, or tuck the ends under if it's not.
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              I have a 52” square table. It’s really hard to find a tablecloth for it because the usual sizes are 52 x52-way to small or 70x70-ok but you only have a couple inches of overhang. So I like to have runners that reach all the way across and then a couple of placemats.


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