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    Lefty or Righty?? Coffee or Tea??

    Alrighty just throwing out some thoughts...

    1. Are you a lefty or a righty? Not political just which hand do you prefer to use.. or are you really special... ambi?

    2. Coffee or Teas?

    3. Chocolates or Mints or Something else?

    Any other favorites that you'd like to add to the list?

    1. I'm a righty, but my Mom was a lefty, so I learned a lot of things wrong. DH he was ambidextrous. It would make me so mad, he'd cut with one hand, then switch when he got 'tired'... the show off.

    2. I like my morning coffee in the morning. Dad used to buy Gevalia when you could only get it through the mail. Every order had a coffee mug, 'free gift'. Jim got the last of those mugs. I was thrilled when they started carrying it in the grocery store. Cold evenings, I do like hot tea or hot chocolate.

    3. DH would buy Hershey's minatures. We kept a bowl in the head board and I'd have 1 every night. Once we got rid of that headboard, he kept the bowl on his side of the bed. lol, funny how memories just pop up. I do like mints, too.

    So what do you like?
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    1. Are you a lefty or a righty? Not political just which hand do you prefer to use.. or are you really special... ambi? Righty

    2. Coffee or Teas? Coffee coffee coffee coffee lol

    3. Chocolates or Mints or Something else? Dark chocolate is my favorite but I also like salty/crunchy snacks too.

    Any other favorites that you'd like to add to the list?

    I dislike hot/spicy.

    I love lemon anything, lol.


      Right handed, but somethings I do left handed such as playing pool and driving.

      Hot coffee, and iced tea. Can't stand iced coffee or hot tea.

      Dark chocolate and milk chocolate anytime, but no white chocolate.


        1. Are you a lefty or a righty? Not political just which hand do you prefer to use.. or are you really special... ambi? Ambidextrous but primary a righty

        2. Coffee or Teas? coffee and tea (I really like flavored teas)

        3. Chocolates or Mints or Something else? combine them together for one of my favorites - Andes mints

        Any other favorites that you'd like to add to the list?


          1. Are you a lefty or a righty? Not political just which hand do you prefer to use.. or are you really special... ambi? Mostly right handed but use my left hand for somethings. Hold my scissors in my right hand but upside down

          2. Coffee or Teas? Neither, it is water or Diet Mt Dew for me

          3. Chocolates or Mints or Something else? dark chocolate,

          Any other favorites that you'd like to add to the list? Pretzels not chips, crunchy not smooth pb, lace shoes not velcro


            I started out left handed but early on the nuns showed me the "right" way so now I'm right handed :-)

            Cup of coffee to get me started in the morning but I've more recently taken to having tea early evening with honey. (The honey apparently helps my acid reflex and taking 3 teaspoons of honey alone is a bit daunting.

            I like the hersey's kisses with almonds or chocolate covered cherries. Sometimes I get the salty cravings though :-)
            Women are Angels. When someone break's our wings we will continue to fly-usually on a broomstick.We're flexible like that.


              Right handed, hot chocolate, chocolates over mints.


                Right handed -- although I can use my rotary cutter with my left hand if I need to. I drink iced coffee and iced tea. I do like hot chocolate if it is good -- not watery with no flavor. Peanut butter and chocolate - the best!! Actually, I like most chocolate as long as there is no coconut and/or nuts in it. I keep a dish on my dining room table of Peppermint Patties for the grandkids when they come. One is allergic to peanut butter, otherwise it would be peanut butter cups in there.



                  Right Handed. I've tried to be ambidextrous but I'm a slob with my left hand.

                  I drink coffee, lots of coffee every morning. Some days I will have a cup of hot tea with honey in the afternoon. Many nights I drink a cup of SleepyTime tea.

                  I try not to eat too much candy but Lindt Lindor candy is my downfall. They have it on sale quite a bit at Walgreens and I just can't resist a good bargain! Right now I have Hershey Miniatures and Cherry Jelly Heart Candy in dishes on my sofa table. It's so hard to walk past several times a day and not grab any. Hubby needs to take it to work for the guys so it's out of my house.
                  My Pinterest Page of the Quilts I've Made:


                    I'm a lefty, but I use right-handed scissors.
                    Coffee in the morning, tea in the evening. Love iced coffee and iced tea too. Not a fan of flavored coffees but do like flavored teas.
                    I like Hershey's kisses, Lindt milk chocolate, nuts, coconut and anything lemon.
                    Honestly, I'm the eldest of 6 kids so have never been super-picky about anything in life!

                    to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


                      I’m a very left handed leftie.
                      I prefer coffee but will drink tea in a pinch. Unless we are talking about a good oolong...yum!
                      I like chocolate, white chocolate is my favorite.


                        I am right handed out of a family where both parents are lefties and all six of my siblings are lefties. Coffee is my drink of choice just not a big fan of flavored coffee. Like chocolate and mints. Like someone else said being the oldest of 7 learn not to be picky. If you didn't like what was being served you just went without, which I did a few times ex oyster stew, yuk!


                          1. I am primarily right handed, but also do many things with my left hand. I have had several experiences which prove that as far as writing is concerned, I am ambidextrous. My mother and brother are both left handed, while my father and sisters are right handed.

                          2. Sorry, no coffee and mostly no tea either. I occasionally will drink herbal teas, especially mints.

                          3. Chocolates of all kinds and love mints too. I combine them with pecans and walnuts on a regular yearly basis to make fudge for family and friends. I especially love Sees Chocolate Cherries. I don’t like coffee chocolate, regardless of the maker.

                          4. Even as the eldest of six, I have some very definite preferences, some of which are shared by my siblings and some which are not. One of my sisters likes artichoke and I do not. I love brussel sprouts and some of my siblings hate them. We all like chocolates, but I like all chocolates, while my mom prefers dark chocolates.


                            Well, I am not sure how I missed this one. Better late than never.
                            1. righty although I do many things as a lefty
                            2. coffee, coffee, coffee
                            3. dark chocolate is my snack of choice when the blood sugar allows
                            That being said, I do enjoy a bit of tea-usually a fruity one-either warm or iced and I won't turn down a minty treat either.

                            Happiness is a FULL bobbin!


                              I too had a left handed mother. But alas I’m a right handed person. So learning knit, crochet were I guess backwards. The finished products look pretty much the same as others however.
                              I now drink coffee in the mornings. I add a half a splash of sugar free vanilla flavoring, like the kind in coffee shops. My version of a Latte!! Tea was the main drink a few years ago, but I had a change in taste!! Drink English Breakfast tea in the afternoons.
                              Candy is a hit and miss. M&M’s are always in a dish here, for when the grandkids stop in. They are always looking for something! I love to watch them search out the “grandma” snacks!!! I enjoy a Midnite Milky Way on occasion. And chocolate covered almonds, or pecans are good too!😜
                              Not a reader any longer. Like to crochet/knit or sew instead. I’m a recliner potato in the evenings watching tv. Husband and I take turns (not by our choice) having the dog in our lap!! The dog is an English Bulldog, Gus, 60 + pounds.
                              Belong to a sewing group from church and we do service projects for different charities in town. We meet once a month to sew at someone’s home. We used to raffle off a quilt, but last 2 raffles were not big money makers. So we turned to charity work.


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