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    Thank you, Ginny B!!!

    Ginny, thank you so much for the lovely gifts! I truly appreciate all of them!

    I'm in WA with family for Xmas and my niece fell in love with the Tinkerbelle pouch so I hope it's ok with you that I (rather reluctantly!) Let her keep it. She's autistic and Tinker bell is one of her favorite characters. I guarantee you she will treasure it.

    The placemats are perfect- they match my new kitchen beautifully.

    The journal is fantastic- I can't wait to start using it as soon as I get back home. I'm drinking coffee out of my beautiful mug right now.

    As a knitter who knits for everyone else, I was thrilled to receive the dishclothe- thank you!!!!

    I know I'm leaving somethimg out - everyone is rushing out the door for another day of adventure here (my brother lives on the coast and were are driving to Seattle today for all kinds of things!)

    I'll try to post a pic, but internet is spotty out here in the beautiful boonies, lol.

    Thank you again, and best wishes for a wonderful new year!

    Kimberlyn, you are so very welcome. I enjoyed making each months gifts for you. I need to tell you about the Tinkerbell pouch. I was about to make that one of my substitute months because I just couldn't think of anything that I was happy with for the fairy theme. Well one morning I woke up and immediately a thought came into my head to look at the designs that came loaded into my embroidery machine (it came with Disney designs) . So I checked and sure enough, there was a cute Tinkerbell. I decided on making the pouch and I felt like it was the perfect idea even though, after checking on your "favorites", I didn't really see anything that yelled Perfect!!! yet deep inside something was telling me it was. Now I know why and I am thrilled that you gave it to your niece. It was meant for her. You have made my day.
    Ginny B


      Oh, Ginny, what a great story! And she really does love it. She got some new tiny unicorns and she is keeping them in the pouch as their stable, it's adorable!


      Secret Santa 2018

      About this Group

      We had a lot of fun with the Secret Santa 2017 group last year. A lot of happy people received beautiful handmade gifts from their Secret Santa's. Each person made and received 12 gifts at Christmas that were made throughout the year, one a month based on a given theme. We learned new things, challenged our skills in a non stressful way and got "down and dirty" creative. Plus at the end of the year we get 12 great gifts for Christmas!

      This group is a commitment as you are signing on to create 12 gifts during the year. They are smaller projects so any challenge is not overly difficult. You also, twice a year, get to swap out the named theme for one of your own choosing. You may also purchase rather then handmake 3 items during the year.

      If you would like to join please "subscribe", "join". Read the Rules in the discussion section and sign. You will receive a questionaire from the moderator that helps her match you up with your Secret Santa recipient.

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