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    Thank you Chelea!

    OMG, what a great sewer you are! And I loved your choices of fabrics. Loved the wolf panel and with the selection of your fabric gift wraps I've decided I'm going to make a Christmas wall hanging with it for next year. You know I'm a wolf is Miss Carlie. Love the apron pattern too it's perfect. I need to get that pattern from you :-) And I'm going to find a special use for the fairies pouch, I just love that too. I really just loved, loved, loved everything I can't say enough. Oh yes, and wouldn't you know I had just run out of machine embroidery needles and also the omni silver thread so I was doing a happy dance when I saw that.

    I'm sorry that some of my pictures didn't turn out clear enough. I loved your use of color with the transportation tote, and the bird mug rug with mug. Sorry I had cut down the picture with the scrappy pillow case, the pillow form got cut out and I didn't realize that until it was too late :-/....and the ornaments look great on my tree...............I'll stop going on and on and on. btw I did put comments on the pics I put in the gallery if you just click on them you'll see them.

    Thank you so much Chelea you're the greatest!
    Women are Angels. When someone break's our wings we will continue to fly-usually on a broomstick.We're flexible like that.

    You are so welcome, Carlie. I'm glad you enjoyed everything.

    to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


    Secret Santa 2018

    About this Group

    We had a lot of fun with the Secret Santa 2017 group last year. A lot of happy people received beautiful handmade gifts from their Secret Santa's. Each person made and received 12 gifts at Christmas that were made throughout the year, one a month based on a given theme. We learned new things, challenged our skills in a non stressful way and got "down and dirty" creative. Plus at the end of the year we get 12 great gifts for Christmas!

    This group is a commitment as you are signing on to create 12 gifts during the year. They are smaller projects so any challenge is not overly difficult. You also, twice a year, get to swap out the named theme for one of your own choosing. You may also purchase rather then handmake 3 items during the year.

    If you would like to join please "subscribe", "join". Read the Rules in the discussion section and sign. You will receive a questionaire from the moderator that helps her match you up with your Secret Santa recipient.

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