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    Things I've gotten a lot of use out of

    I want to re-thank my secret santa from last year for the useful goodies. Of all the things I received, I've gotten good use out of almost everything. I use the potholders frequently, as well as the twisty red-white-and-blue tablerunner. I love the mug rug - it's a nice size for my computer desk. I got a chance to try out the bionic gear bag at a retreat a few weeks ago, and boy does it hold a lot of stuff! The hot chocolate and candy are long gone, of course. But of all the items I received, the one I find the most helpful is the weighted pincushion/threadcatcher that fits on the corner of my sewing table. Thanks again, Wendy!

    Although I am not participating in this year's swap I just wanted AMG to know that I too am loving her gifts. I especially love the bowl cozies and use them all the time and my tree of life is on my coffee table and has gotten lots of compliments from guests. Maybe next year I will participate again.


      I went back through the things Ginny sent. The bowl cozies are in constant use. The apron hangs in the kitchen (not used just in the fall/Christmas!) The zipper bags are in my work bag one holds treats, the other pens/pencils. I saw my mug walking through the hall at work this week. I left it in the dishwasher and somebody swiped it, even with my name on the bottom!
      The candle mat has been out all year, I just like the star and don't care if it does look beachy! The covered magnet pin keeper is amazing. I use it at home some (I have 3 others in various places) but it gets to take ALL of the road trips! I love that I can pop the top on and go! I do put a rubber band around it, but only because I'm overly cautious about pins going everywhere.

      I have used the other items she sent but these either get a constant workout, or have become integrated into daily life.
      Thank you again Ginny!
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        Cathy, I hope you swiped that mug right back. LOL

        What a great idea to go back and re-thank last year's Secret Santa and let her know her gifts are being used . Cathy, of course, the salmon and bacon were gone pretty early on (like Christmas Eve for the salmon, lol) as well as the chocolate, coffee and scones. The sewing basket is in use in my sewing room every day . The tote bag holds my knitting projects right now and the adorable gecko herb pack has been used countless times. The apron and kitchen tools are always coming in handy in the kitchen. And everything else that I received has been used and appreciated. As well as the gifts from my 2015 Secret Santa, Noel, and those that came before. Everywhere I go in my house, there are reminders of the Secret Santas from this forum. Thank you all.
        Ginny B


          I still have and use all of my previous SS gifts. There are so many that I treasure it is hard to name them all. A few of them though would be, my quilt I got from Charyti last year, along with the fall towels and leaf mats that get used constantly. I adore my stiletto that I got from Bernadette, as well as my embroidered tea towels that I received several years ago. I have holiday runners that I use, as well as everyday ones. I rotate out my mug rugs by my sewing machine constantly. As I said I love and use just about everything...but some things are hard for me to remember which SS I got things from. Just know that I appreciate all the time, effort, and love that has gone into every single thing I have gotten. Thank you to all of the secret santa's I have had.
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