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    You are enough!

    I have read most of your notes to each other thanking for the gifts you received. Many of us have indicated that our gifts are somehow less worthy than our partners or other participants.

    We must stop.

    We are enough! We are good. We are creative. We are ALL learning and improving!
    Our skills may be at different levels, but our thoughtfulness is as sincere as anyone else. Everyone gifts in different ways. Some of us only have the budget for creating the specified monthly gift. Some of us have the ability to include other little gifts to the packages that either go with the theme, or are special to us in someway. Great if that can happen, but that is not what is required by our guidelines.
    As long as we continue to be thoughtful about our gift choices, and make it our best effort, we have done right and we are enough.

    Thank you to all of the participants this year. You have inspired me to try things that I wouldn't have normally. You have given me great ideas for next year and not just this swap, but in my regular gift giving too.

    I am so proud of everyone for completing this commitment! I hope to see you all back for 2018!
    Hugs, Cathy
    Be who you are and say what you feel
    because those who mind don't matter,
    and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss

    Completely agree with everything Cathy said. Everyone in this group is special, and has their own creative abilities. The fact that you are a part of this group signifies that.
    Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



      I could not agree more! We have something special in this particular group...a bond that lasts the full year. From the time we start creating our gifts for our unknown recepient until the time we send it, we are thinking about you with every stitch. When we find out who you are, we tailor our gifts specifically for you. Our skills may not always at the same level, but that is not important! Our commitment to you and the love of our craft takes us through some wonderful projects to share with someone special.
      "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


        You are so right, as I was one or am one of those who thought that. I WILL STOP!!
        Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


          Fantastic sentiment. I've been cross stitching for most of my life, yet rarely gift anyone with what I make due to people not appreciating the time and effort that goes into every piece. The beauty and joy of this group is we all understand what exactly is behind every gift. Items might not be to our individual taste, or at the same skill level (I freely admit I'm at the low end), but for the first time I looked forward to putting myself out there and giving away not 1, but 12 items I made. Even if something I made wasn't an instant favorite, I knew it wouldn't end up in the trash because my partner would appreciate the hours of work, effort, and pricked fingers that went into everything.


            Thank you Toggpine and everyone. I am one of those feeling bad that my gifts didn't meet up to all I seen what was given. Have been refraining from joining 2018 but I just seen your posts. I do now have a better idea of what to do. You guys are the best.


              Cathy, well said. I find myself falling into that "not good enough" state of mind and I will make a serious effort to stop that!
              Ginny B



                I have also read the posts about how some don't feel they did a " not good enough". Don't you even think that!! Everyone did a great job. We all started out as beginners. Some areas we are better then in others. A lot of us went out of our comfort zones to make something different. The one thing we all did was to make each and every gift something special in are own way. We put our special touch on everything we did and hoped our secret santa would like it as much as we did making it. I think that is awesome. We will all improve over the years and trying new things is the way to go. I think everyone's gifts were wonderful and would be proud to have received any of them. I don't EVER want to hear someone say they are not good enough. We all learn from each other and that is why this is such a great group. So no more of that nonsense. Looking forward to this years great gifts. Thanks Cathy I just had to add my 2 cents worth. To a great new year.

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