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    Thanks peggiep

    Thanks so much! everything was beautifully packed with lovely labels so I knew immediately what month was that.
    Thanks also for the extra gift of the wonderclips, which I always use, and the scissors with their own scissor pouch. Very much appreciated!

    I also loved the mug with "Not only perfect but canadian too" because it cracked me up! I love to collect mugs. Loved the Hershey kisses, such a long time I did not have one to taste, and the gloves with the neck thing are super awesome, already using them!

    I also very much loved the fall/autumn table topper / centerpiece. Cannot wait to put it into use even if it's winter!

    I will also use quite a lot the bag, the quilted pockets for the sewing machine and the oven mitten.

    Thanks so much! it's been thrilling!
    My blog (when I will be able to keep it updated):

    Queen of Quiltgard

    Lover of Scraps

    You are so very welcome. I am glad you enjoyed the Hersey Kisses. It is just NOT Christmas without them!
    "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


      Those gifts are indeed lovely! I agree with Peggy, it's just NOT Christmas without Hershey's kisses!
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      This is the 2017 Secret Santa M* Secret Santa Gift Swap. This is a year long, monthly themed event.

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