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    Beautiful gifts from Carlie

    I love all my gifts from Carlie. I always wanted a machine cover but never had the time to make one for myself it is beautiful and fits perfect. I love the sunflower wall hanging and I am going to find the perfect place to show it off. We must be reading each others mind. I already had the Irish topper done before I knew you were Irish and then when I opened the one for Dec I just had to laugh. We sent each other the same type of gift therapy heart pads. I hope you enjoy them I use my all the time. Spanky claimed his quilt right away as you can tell in the picture I posted. I am glad Carlie liked her treats. I wanted to make sure you had enough choc covered cherries to last awhile just don't eat them all in one sitting. I love my Hershey kisses I had a couple with coffee this morning. Everything will be put to use especially the hot pads. You did a beautiful job on everything. Thank you so much. Here is to a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Looking forward to next years swap. You did a great and awesome job. Linda

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    Thank you Scooter. I particularly enjoyed making the sewing machine cover. Man was it hard to find the measurements for your machine. I think they are trying to keep that info a trade secret LOL. Finally found a Facebook group and one nice person sent me the measurements. I'm so glad it actually fits! I also love Scooters pic on the quilt. I saved it :-) Yes I've already dipped into the chocolate covered cherries, they are set right on my computer desk where they will be put to the bestest, best use.
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    Secret Santa 2017

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    This is the 2017 Secret Santa M* Secret Santa Gift Swap. This is a year long, monthly themed event.

    We have a lot of fun doing this every year. So come and join in on the fun.You may view the Gallery and Discussions by "joining" the Group. This Group will remain open for the remainer of 2017. For next years Secret Santa please join Secret Santa 2018.
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