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    Thank you Melinda

    For the most spectacular gifts. It sure made my Christmas special.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Thank you Beth for the most wonderful gifts ever. My one post mentioned I seen a zipper that was peeking out. Well the sewing cozy just didn't have 1 pretty zipper in pink but another in pretty lime green. And then another zipper in my periwinkle bag and another zipper in
    my flower tote bag. I'm so overwhelmed with the quality of quilting and the thoughtfulness in each and every gift. I will never find the right words to describe each gift. The one gift I was guessing at came true. Beth posted a picture of a coil basket she made and thought oh that is so cool and yes she gave me one. My heart leaped. And then the awesome row markers, star pins with numbers on them in the cutest felt holder with embroidered stars and a snap closure. Talk about being creative, April, By the Sea a Foot Prints in the Sand table runner, cute flip flops with bare feet quilted randomly on it and I could go on and on I'm so excited. I really need to pick it up a notch in
    my creativeness Can't wait to post a picture. Thank you, thank you Secret Santa Beth. I definitely won. y


      oops got under the wrong thread sorry. To excited. And couldn't delete that y.


      Secret Santa 2017

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      This is the 2017 Secret Santa M* Secret Santa Gift Swap. This is a year long, monthly themed event.

      We have a lot of fun doing this every year. So come and join in on the fun.You may view the Gallery and Discussions by "joining" the Group. This Group will remain open for the remainer of 2017. For next years Secret Santa please join Secret Santa 2018.
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