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    Received Package

    Received my package yesterday from Jen 7. Will take picture of them all tomorrow if I can get it to post. Might have to send to someone and have them post for me. Have them sitting with other presents. Is a bit nerving to see them all there. Anticipation can get the best of a person.

    Nene, glad to hear you have yours out to display!

    I promised myself I wouldn't open the boxes (unless directed) until after I had the living room painted and the space for the tree to set up.
    I made it most of the way around the living room and prepped the dining room and the hallway to the master bedroom. I have to wait for the walls to dry in order to move some of the furniture to get to the rest of the ceiling.
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      I haven't opened any gifts just the big box that they came in. The gifts are waiting for Christmas day!


        Nene if you need someone to post them for you, you can email them to me :-) I'll get them up there!
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          So glad the box arrived safely!!
          Quilts may come, and quilts may go, but the stitches stay the same.:icon_hi:


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