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    Thanks for posting all the pre-opening pictures! It sure keeps the excitement going, with no kids or grandkids around it is hard to keep this going. Things sure have changed for us here, gone are the days of shopping-wrapping and hiding gifts, then all the candy and cookie making.
    It is also nice to get ideas for wrapping for next year.

    Happiness is a FULL bobbin!

    Oh I so agree. Being a firsty I wish I had some pictures to refer to. I really had no idea what to do and the extra mile everyone is doing with wrapping, etc. My poor SS I'm feeling bad that I could have done better for her. But I do love seeing all the pretty packages. As much as you want that box to come there is something to say about later. Seems I've been looking at those packages forever. And I have to stop fondling them. I have to keep tucking material back in around the prize for fear I'll see inside. And yes I miss the hustle and bustle of the old days.


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    This is the 2017 Secret Santa M* Secret Santa Gift Swap. This is a year long, monthly themed event.

    We have a lot of fun doing this every year. So come and join in on the fun.You may view the Gallery and Discussions by "joining" the Group. This Group will remain open for the remainer of 2017. For next years Secret Santa please join Secret Santa 2018.
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