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    Silly question, but...

    ...when we ship our gifts, should we let our SS know who we are? Or do we try to send things out anonymously?

    I always have enclosed a card with my name-and forum name too- and have gotten such from the gifter-I appreciate this info so I can send a proper thank you note.

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      I thought about this to trying to keep it a secret till "the day" they open but your return name and address is on the outside of the package.


        Humm, I don't know. Certainly by Christmas Day the person should have your real name, forum name and I would think perhaps your address. I'm pretty sure that my real name would have been on the shipped box. Not all people know what real names match the forum names they are known here by. I don't think it makes much difference because the actual gifts remain a secret until Christmas (right girls?????). I always take the gifts out of the shipping box and put them under the tree until Christmas. It's probably a good idea since sometimes some of the gifts are marked "open before Christmas" :-)
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          I have always enclosed a letter/card introducing myself and explaining why I chose some of the things I did, or their significance.

          If you want to keep it ultra secret, you can put somebody else's address in the return address space. Then Carlie, or Sandy, or M* would get all of the misdirected packages. That might make it a bit difficult to send a thank you card back though!

          I have always opened the box when it arrives. After years as a shipping department manager, I want to make sure everything is right in the box. If I need to file a claim, the sooner the better. If there is something in there I want you to use before Christmas that should be marked too.
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            Considering that I'm the only Italian here as soon as my package arrives my target will know who I am but it's not a bad thing I think. I actually like it!
            My plan is to also write a letter to present myself and say "HI!" and then add a note to each gift to tell what inspired me and why I chose to make what I did... I cannot wait
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              My name and address on the package I just sent. Each gift is wrapped individually and marked by month. The one on the top says "Open now". The rest will have to wait.

              Who will be the first to receive their package?
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