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  • Carlie Wolf
    started a topic New Memberships for Secret Santa 2017 is now closed

    New Memberships for Secret Santa 2017 is now closed

    We have our members for 2017. The Group list has us at 39 members. Wendy had resigned but hasn't taken her name off yet and also I believe nlbryson is no longer with us either since she has no activity and hasn't replied to 3 of my emails. Has anyone heard from her? So that would put our numbers at 37.

    Can you take a look at the list and if anyone is aware of a member listed who is no longer participating can you let me know please. :-)
Secret Santa 2017

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This is the 2017 Secret Santa M* Secret Santa Gift Swap. This is a year long, monthly themed event.

We have a lot of fun doing this every year. So come and join in on the fun.You may view the Gallery and Discussions by "joining" the Group. This Group will remain open for the remainer of 2017. For next years Secret Santa please join Secret Santa 2018.
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