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    A gift suggestion (if you don't mind)

    I had a thought.
    I have just a couple of quilting books and I wouldn't mind receive one from my Secret Santa (either if they want it or because they're very busy and need a quick gifts).
    But it could always be a double or something the recipient doesn't like.
    Why don't we make a list of "Quilt Books I own" and "Quilt books I'd love to have" in our User Notes so when we will know who are we sending to the gifts we can check that? I thought it could be handy and easy
    My blog (when I will be able to keep it updated):

    Queen of Quiltgard

    Lover of Scraps

    Good idea. That and or patterns.
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      Both are awesome ideas!


        The only quilt books or magazines that I use are The Block from M*.
        Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



          Great idea!
          Ginny B


            I like the idea, so I'm in. I'll update my user notes.


              I've been terrible about user notes. Great idea!
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