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    Likes and dislikes (Get to know me)

    Good morning. I thought I would let you know a little about myself.

    I am 56, a grandmother to two girls, 6 & 13 and mother to two Military Sons, Navy and Air Force

    I love quilting obviously. I can also knit and crochet.

    My favorite color is blue.

    I live in a very rural area not much around here, especially quilt stores

    I drink coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon and white wine in the evening (sometimes).

    Allergic to cats, dogs, dust, morphine and now bandages

    Cancer survivor since 2006, have had two mastectomies.

    I mostly hand quilt but will machine quilt (straight lines) on a domestic home machine

    I own two featherweights and several other vintage sewing machines

    I like to collect Christmas ornaments from different countries or cities we travel to. I even bought a whistle in Baltimore because the prices were ridiculous. Anything will hang on a tree, even key chains.

    I appreciate 'home made' as I know the time and effort that goes into making something.

    Collecting fabric license plates from various quilt stores. Also collecting **FREE** patterns for the Row by Row (Free until September)

    (I will add as it comes to mind)
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning, Monique: this is a good Idea - I hope everyone who has signed up will do this. Let's all get to know each other a little better. I know we won't know who we will be a SS to. I am getting excited for this. Have fun everyone!!

    About me:

    I'm 63, a grandmother to 5 (3 girls 12, 6 & 5 mo, 2 boys 8 and 2 1/2) and mother of 2 (son and daughter)

    I, too, love quilting - used to knit, crochet, needlepoint - but now pretty much stick to quilting.

    My favorite color is also blue. (I love batiks)

    I moved to Tenn 6 months ago - and love it!! Even though minutes to town (no quilt shops though) it feels like I live in the country. Nearest quilt shop is 40 minutes away which is not bad at all.

    I like coffee in the morning and it has to have Int'l House Almond Joy creamer in it, usually drink water the rest of the day - Do like fruity, herbal teas when I'm chilled.

    Also allergic to cats and dogs - but strong sensitivity to cigarette smoke.

    Have hand quilted most of my quilts that are given as gifts, but the couple I have kept I had professionally quilted.

    I own a baby loc, a Kenmore (equivalent to a Jenome 9000(?)) embroidery machine (which I still have to learn how to use) and a Tin Lizzie 18" long arm - Which, again, I still have yet to learn how to use - bought this used.

    I collect turtles - I loved watching my grandchildren playing with them whenever they would come over - I would find them all over the house after they left.

    I love home-made. It means something is very special. My MIL was a seamstress and then quilter - She could take whatever material and turn it into something fabulous.

    Well, nothing else that I can think of. Really looking forward to this SS.


      Sure, why not?

      About me:

      I'm 36, no human kids but I have a toy poodle (hypoallergenic).

      I love quilting, but it's not the only craft I do. I make leather masquerade masks, sew stuffed animals, and paint ceramics (with both acrylic paints and the paints you fire in a kiln - though not on the same piece). And I bake a lot.

      My favorite colors are red and purple, and I am a big fan of jeweltones.

      I live in Denver.

      I don't drink coffee much, but I do drink a lot of tea.

      Allergic to cats and most dogs, and am sensitive to cigarette smoke.

      I machine quilt and will tie quilts, but don't have the patience to hand quilt.

      I have a Huskystar E20 as my one and only sewing machine. Well... technically I own a serger, but it's on permanent loan to a friend who does costuming.

      I like science-y/nature-y/museum-y stuff, and my favorite artist is M. C. Escher.

      Homemade is awesome, but so are neat gadgets/techniques that transform ordinary quilt techniques into something new.

      Not a big fan of wallets/purses since I don't generally use them.


        Just about anything you need to know about me is in my user was done a while back for another Christmas swap....anything that is not there, feel free to ask...I am an open book.
        Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



          I'm off to update my user notes under my profile. That is where we stuck our "personal preferences" on a previous swap. Then we didn't have to wade through pages of data to find our swap buddy in September.
          I'll leave a quick intro here though as we don't know who we are buddies with yet.
          I'm Cathy and I'm halfway to 90. Married. Step-son 25. Daughter 10. Grandson 5.
          We live on a small homestead in rural western Washington. We have dairy goats, chickens, turkeys, dogs, and a cat. Fruit and veggie gardens keep us playing in the dirt.
          I prefer the cool side of the color wheel.
          Baking, cooking, cross stitch/embroidery, and painting are other things I like to do. I tried to knit, but got lost. I do have a book and have sort of taught myself to crochet. At least the sample swatches!
          I have a Bernina Bernette and a BabyLock serger. My Singer treadle still needs some TLC before I can sew anything serious on it. The cabinet was pretty dirty and my summer didn't end up allowing time for a refurbish job on it like I planned.
          I'm allergic to aloe and walnuts. Cigarette smoke stuffs up my head.
          Coffee is a brilliant way to start the day.
          That should do for now I guess.
          Be who you are and say what you feel
          because those who mind don't matter,
          and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


            All of my info is in my user notes as well. Lots of info about me there.
            Shirley :icon_bigsmile:


              My info is in my user notes.


                Same here, in user notes and I even updated them!

                Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!


                  My info is in my user notes which just got updated.


                    Just posted in the User Notes. That will be easy to update if we do this in 2018 as well!


                      Just posted in the User Notes. That will be easy to update if we do this in 2018 as well!


                        Just posted in the User Notes. That will be easy to update if we do this in 2018 as well!


                          I am 30, not a mother yet but I hope the 2017 will make this dream come true and I’m married to the love of my life, my lovely and quilting-supportive husband.

                          I love quilting, sewing in general, cross-stitch, baking and cooking. I also love to read, watch movies and play boardgames (we have TONS at home! LOL ) I can’t knit or crochet.

                          My favorite color is red.
                          I love fabrics! I love to shop for snowflake fabrics, sewing themed fabrics and Christmas and Halloween fabrics most of all!

                          I live in a city that faces both the sea and the mountains. I have quite a choice of fabric stores and quilt shops although it’s not as in the US!

                          I am not a big coffee drinker but I LOVE to drink tea.

                          Slightly allergic to dust and dog’s hair. Don’t like smoke.

                          I hand quilt (but not too often, unfortunately) and most often I machine quilt.

                          I have a Pfaff sewing machine.

                          I love Christmas and Halloween most of all the festivities!

                          I love hand-made and home-made gifts!

                          I will also add this in my USer Notes for an easier access
                          My blog (when I will be able to keep it updated):

                          Queen of Quiltgard

                          Lover of Scraps


                            This is a great idea. I updated my User Notes and have cut & pasted it here to make it easier to find.


                            My name is: Peggie (short for Margaret)
                            My last name is Purchase
                            My nickname is Peep
                            I have been quilting for about 5 years
                            I am 64
                            I have been married to George for 35 years
                            I have one step-daughter, one son-in-law, and 3 gorgeous granddaughters - Emily, 12; Leah, 8; Jaelyn, 6.
                            My favorite color is teal (but sometimes purple)
                            My least favorite color is orange
                            I love fabric of all kinds, but particularly gingham and batik

                            My style of quilting is traditional patchwork, with some applique, but I hope to learn Foundation Paper Piecing this year.
                            I enjoy making small projects because I don't have a lot of room to lay out a full-size quilt to make a sandwich. Just started making tote bags, wallets and pouches and have been having fun with them, but usually make table runners and toppers.
                            I am a not a perfectionist, but I try hard to be one, especially when quilting.
                            What quilting has taught me: patience
                            My sewing machine is a Brother Embroidery / Quilting machine and I also have an Artistic Pro Mid-Arm which is under used!

                            I have 3 domestic short hair cats Chessapeake, Tiggr and Tut - who all love to help me quilt.
                            My favorite drink is coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon and crystal light at meals
                            My favorite snack is chocolate...any way I can get it
                            My favorite meal Chicken Toreno (chicken stuffed with asparagus, cheese and other great stuff)

                            We have lived in the same home for 35 years are currently renovating it by room. We completed the Kitchen in February. It has been completely redesigned and the dominant colour is gray, with whiteaccents. We completed a lovely sunroom and studio this summer where we have moved all our crafts...George is a woodworker and artistic painter and our home has outgrown our crafts.

                            The colors in my living room are: under review...currently a horrid brown - soon to be a soft blue gray
                            The colors in my dining room are: green and cream
                            The colors in my bedroom are: under review...currently deep merlow - soon to be pearl gray with Caribbean colour accents
                            The colors in my bathroom are: gunmetal gray, navy and white
                            The colors in my sewing room are: storm blue and red
                            Things I collect include: sewing gadgets, fabric, snowmen, coffee mugs and Christmas ornaments from wherever we travel
                            My quilting wish list includes: a trip to MSQC
                            My location is: Rural Southeastern Ontario, Canada
                            My other hobbies include: scrapbooking, beaded Christmas ornaments, crocheting, knitting, reading and bowling
                            I have always wanted to travel and since retiring we have taken several Caribbean cruises, visited Alaska and this summer we went to Scotland and Ireland.
                            My career was a Project Manager and Business Analyst for the National Defence Department of the Government of Canada
                            You can find me on FB, and Twitter (Peggie Cookman Purchase)
                            My favorite music genre is: Country
                            My birthday is: Sept 2
                            My anniversary is: March 26
                            "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


                              Even though I am not new to the site I am fairly new to doing anything other reading posts. I am going to check out the user notes to put a little bit about me in there. As someone said makes it easier to go looking. I just love the idea of homemade gifts at Christmas. Reminds me of what I used to think Christmas was about. I have a vivid imagination but I admit I get my inspiration from others. This sounds amazing and I am so looking forward to the year.
                              Lisa Dawn
                              May great ideas start with a scrap of thought.


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